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Monday, May 16, 2011

acid splasher..

there is a serial acid splasher out in KL.. that animal siao one.. so many died jor.. and its not even funny.. one day i saw this friend's status asking pretty girls to beware of the occurrence...

Status: Beware and inform all yr female frens or loved. Attention to all females! If you're a guy, be aware to and let your girl friends know about this too.Beware of "acid man"!

A: luckily im not pretty!!
B: hou choi im not pretty!!
C: haha.. im only cute so no need to worry..
tuls: pretty boys wont kena one hor? *rolleyes* hahahahahah...

seriously lor its damn scary lor.. 
it makes KL not a very safe place jor to think of it..
oh my gosh i cant even imagine if terkena.. all the reported images are just horrible..

all i can say is if youre not in a car then you should be worried.. what if the acid splasher suddenly turn homophobic!?? 


  1. its stupid that they(your friends) say pretty girls be careful .

    It shows how much respect they have for women in general . An yeah , those TVB-KPOP-WANNABE guys can be extra careful. Their pretty feminine complexion might be tarnished if they kena acid .And i dont give a shit if anyone scolds me but I feel that everyone should protect themselves, NOT ONLY PRETTY GIRLS .

    Recently when i was talking about this acid splasher things to some guys , they said : "chinese girls especially be careful , if the face kena then gone dee mah , NO MORE FAIR ....i was like wtf ???? Then they went on to say that malay and indian girls its ok bcoz not so white and fair . I mean i was like WTF!?!! And those guys were the guys in college that dress up like KPOP (u know la , the super-fair dyes-hair-stylo)


  2. if the acid splashers turn homophobic? i m going to blast them with my sperms.

  3. ur picture more like u kena splashed by pepper loh,haha.....then eye red red....lolz

  4. Pity the victims lo.. Imagine your face being permanently altered by some ass with acid.. :(

    Good point Ooi2009! XP

  5. I am scared too. I think I will need to wear head-scarf, face mask and long sleeves shirt when I go out.

  6. so scary...
    i didn't know about it...

  7. @ooi2009 ~ for the second time you sounded so decent! good improvement :) hahahaha.. only in my blog arr? hahahahaha...

    @lucifer ~ wow! i want to witness that! call me k!! or snap a pic! :)

    @AJ ~ hahahahahaha... sorry lor!! hahahahahaha..

    @klex ~ yalor :( i got the images leh but dowana put.. so yok sheen.. later cannot eat lunch..

    @CX ~ omg!! later they halau you back to middle east! hahahahaha

    @naughty prince ~ now you know..