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t u l s

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

finally sinked!!

ok la!! after a deep long alarmless sleep!! (just woke up by the way, its like 3.25pm!!)

it sinked in jor that my summer hols are really here!! HAHAHAHAHAHAAH...

read the instructions carefully and choose the best answer. dash it in the EDPAC sheet like this after doing so!

i have like nearing to 4 months worth of hols!! hm.. what should i do leh?!
(a) sex?
(b) movie marathon?
(c) exercising?
(d) shopping?
(e) travelling?
(f) part time working?
(g) all the above?

i know its super lame.. nevermind.. lalalala...

this week and next week's schedule full jor! so perasan man me! wahahahahah!!

this weekend anthems!! wohoo!! im coming baby!! i will whip my hair back and forth!!


  1. All the above!!! Go s'pore (travelling) to work partime as a gigolo (Work partime+sex+exercise), which provides service like teman-tengok-movie (movie marathon) and teman-shopping (shopping) with sugar daddy. How's that?! LOL

  2. All of the above! And the chicken needs feet!! hahaha xD

  3. all of the above...
    Happy holiday...

  4. ALL OF THE ABOVE!! haha, go enjoy your holidays! XP

  5. 4 months is like damn long!!!
    Kind of jealous here hahahahaha :P

  6. @le chatelier ~ omgg! hahahaha... i like that! wohooo!! hahahahaha...

    @alex ~ lets go sama2!! :)

  7. @cx ~ jadi pelacur! hahahaha..

    @aiden ~ what chicken? i blonde!!

    @naughty prince ~ lets meet up!!

    @klex ~ alwight...

    @jboy ~ i envy you lor got kylie minogue!! :)

    @lucci ~ can arr... oi when wanna meet?!! hahahaha

  8. come go gai gai!!! Im borrrred...