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Friday, May 6, 2011

is dick size important in a relationship?


this poll was done last month lasted for 31 days and boomz 132 votes, awesome figure!!

53% say that YES it is important 


46% say NO


the last 1% dont know what is a dick?. nevermind.. moving on... *rolleyes*

where did the 1% percent went to anyway? hahahahaha...

its almost 50 50 but yea it is still important huh? kihihihi...

for a top, they dont really care about the dick of their bottoms but its an added bonus if its big la.. you can hold it and stroke it while fucking.. foreplay is funner too...  :) you can slap it like a tumbler(不倒翁) and it will pop back up if stim la..

but what if...

scene 1

so... you(a bottom) go on a date and really fancy this guy, and he too have the same feelings for you..

after one month of dating, its official..

then later that wanna take this relationship to the next level and found out that his dick is only like a 4 or lesser..

what will you do? just dump him???!!
i fake it once, i just fake my moans and everything cos i really cant feel a shit.. and he cant even wear the condom.. i finished it fast so that i wont have to fake any longer! muahahahaha...

a new poll is out :) please vote! muacks! to the right to the right...


  1. i saw a guy with small dick. i mean like darjah 4 punya. and shaved. look like kiddo dick. but the benefit is, you can suck his dick with his testis in your mouth. lmao. Size doesnt matter. as long as he sayang you.

  2. as a bottom, i really dun think size matter in sex. if its huge, it cost me a lot of pain u know! most importantly is the strength of his hip to generate the high rate and powerful 'in and out' movement. XD tats the most enjoying part. XD

  3. all i have to say is ... XDD!! OMG so explicit.


  5. tuls, draw a better dick la...

    And why is it that the one with smaller dick is "bushier" ?

  6. CX, maybe he is showing the relative position.. like nearer to root.. while big one is further.. if u extend it down u will see the bush too.. =p

  7. omg, less than4 which means cm or mm? @@ wat is the criteria of long and short dick@@

  8. The prostrate gland is only a short distance from the anal sphincter, any other stimulation from a larger tool is due to the opening of the anus and stimulation of other unnecessary organs...

  9. The pic of the smaller dick rite, somehow it reminds me of the frame of a skinny Darth Vader..

    Darth Vader standing in some bushes hahaha XD

  10. You shud call him buy Durex's "Close Fit" condoms..smaller in diameter & shorter in length! Tsk, tsk!

  11. haha. i voted for you know what. :P

  12. no comment abt this, cause never had close contact with one, except mine, haha, no point of reference for me

  13. i read kamasutra and it said something like this:

    too big not suitable,too small also not suitableXD

    it means need to be ngam2...

  14. @green bear ~ omg! thats something new.. never did that before.. will jot it down!! :)

    @jay ~ boomz!! i like the "she bangs" part too! kihihi... but love making shouldnt be too rough, if not then too porno jor.. :) hahahah..

    @Ċòŗαzōn Râsġadǿ™ ~ erm... arigato gazaimasu! :)

    @ooi2009 ~ kihihi... wtf... i thought you like wan?

    @CX ~ i got assistant help me to answer jor, actually i dint thought of that but yea.. he helped!

    @kidz ~ omg! youre a life saver!! muacks! thanks!! :)

    @ahpang20 ~ never cm or mm... whenever someone says a number, its always inches.. if cm is very pathetic.. mm is woman jor!! :) and average.. there is no average.. its kinda gene thingy.. no such thing as chinese small, malay big.. no no no... now got lots of big chinese de! :)

    @chaiminhuei ~ hhahahaha.. thannks? hahahahaha... me like anal opening.. and feeling of someone pulling out the dick in a fast motion shocks me! grrrr! hahaha..


    @simonlover ~ omgucci!! youre back!! omgomgomg!!! i miss you!!! no use de.. the close fit mei you yong i think :(

    @clayden ~ hahahahahaha.. i think i know :)

    @orange wee ~ hahahahaha.. its ok! you will have your chance soon :)

    @ash godiva ~ true true.. i like kamasutra... :)