t u l s

t u l s

Sunday, May 8, 2011

happy birthday tuls!!

wah, turn eye between, one year already wor...

what is turn eye between?  转眼间 dont know correct translation or not?! hahahaah..

dint know it would turn out with such good response over the 12 months :) 

terima kasihs with all the sokongan yang tidak terhingga teramat sekali sekala...

damn kelakar cos this blog lots of celebration de.. every 100 post then got celebration, then anniversary also got celebration! kihihi... 50,000 views also another celebration? hahahaha.. 58K unique views for a year, and over 100K views... not bad hor??? hahahaha... perasan much.. 

shit.. tomorrow my finals starts jor... those who doesnt need their luck please loan to me first k, then i will give it back to you after my last paper on the 24th :)

jia you jia you!!

happy birthday tuls, tuls is now 1 year old jor!!!



  1. after finals , i will talk to the elusive tuls!

  2. Happy Bday !

    Wow...those candles...sure need to blow hard...


  3. Happy birthday tuls.:D wish you all the best. good luck for the exam. :)

  4. Happy Bday bloggie.. Good luck n blow hard! (on candles)

    nice one cx.. xp

  5. Waw! I love your birthday cake.. Hehe happy birthday and may you hv wonderful Year ahead!


  6. i like the cake....
    All the best in ur exam...
    u will not loan luck for u cause i know u took the exam with ur own 实力..
    u need not luck for it and can do well...

  7. Yalah! Sikit-sikit celebrate... hahahaha!!!

  8. Happy birthday! And nice pic btw LOL

  9. Oh man, it sucks to have exams so near b*day..

    But still, I hope you have an awesome birthday!!
    Woohooooo!!! :)
    Partying, partying yeah! FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN XD

  10. Good luck in your Finals and hope you'll celebrate your "birthday" in "style" with Bubu!!! Tsk,tsk...Any chance of leaked videos? Blek

  11. to everyone sekalian, thanks so much for the wishes.. its tuls's birthday :) not the real me ok! hahahaha.. tuls is one year old now :) still growing, still absorbing :)

  12. Wei didi... happy happy belated wor! Sorry I've been so bz to point I was deprived from blogging.