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t u l s

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


its official!!

summer hols started jor!! hahahaha..

final paper went smoothly like baby's skin...

it ended at 5pm.. but now it still hasnt sink in yet the fact that its finally over! hahahaha..

i just got home and i feel like i need to open a book to revise but there isnt any..

oh my.. hahahaha..

wohooo!! i cant wait for the weekend man!!

pink dot is coming up soon and i cant wait to go with bubu like oh em gee! hahaha.. Jason and Vince are going too.. and also KeeCeeJay and his hubby.. not forgetting PLUBOY and his Cookie Monster! wohooo!! we will form a smaller malaysian pink dot there at another corner! :) cos we are not allowed to form the pink dot at the centre! we make it at a corner!! HAHAHAHAHAHA...

for those who are going, see you there then! wohooo!! for now i need to get back my backlog sleep! :)



  1. Congratz.... sadly... I won't be going there....

  2. "smoothly like baby's skin" >>> Johnson's baby Lotion ?

    Party well !

  3. glad to hear that. have fun!! enjoy ur hol.

  4. *The moment right after the last paper is over.*

    My favourite moment of all in life. There's so much happiness in the heart, you can't help but grin like a silly boy :D

    Just thinking about it makes me so happy now, BUT my exam hasn't even started yet =.=

  5. Wah everyone going pink dot.. haha, im still too young to go i suppose? too Innocent jor.. haha, have fun!

  6. Klex: nvm, we organize butler dot here in KL. no age limit de XD lengzai galore~

  7. woohoo... small pink dot hehehe liking that idea.. :D or perhaps the Malaysian pink dot... :P

  8. enjoy ur holiday and take photo of ur pink dot o...

  9. @whizkid ~ no worries de! we shall form our own pink dot here :)

    @cx ~ hahahahaha.. i ban that brand jor! hahahahaha..

    @lucci ~ thanks darl! muacks!

    @j-boy ~ hahahahah.. oh well.. your turn will come! definitely! hahahahhaha

    @klex ~ youre innocent? serious mou?!! hahahahah.. dont worry de la.. you can go if you want.. clubs also can, but have to be careful of raids lor thats all..

    @nate hill ~ i will join you!! you do then i will ditch pink dot and come!!

    @simon ~ :) thanks ancestor!!

    @keeceejay ~ yup!!

    @chaiminhuei ~ i need supporters here also lor.. if wanna form also need organizers de ma...

    @naughty prince ~ :)

    @zhenyu27 ~ nope! its gonna be my first!

    @ooi2009 ~ yes i will i guesS! im there now jor!

  10. XD pink dot teach ppl to love and accept. butler dot teach ppl how to SERVE~ so which one's ur butler? =p

  11. Lol, if we have pink dot here, the government bodies bust us.. hehe, then we go lock up together. XPPP