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Thursday, June 2, 2011

singapura - the places

so i was kinda hilang entah ke mana for a couple of days.. kihihi... was in singapura man!! wohoo!!

my passport sudah diunvirginized already!

was in johor for my grandpa's birthday then went with 2 cousins of saya masuk woodlands, dapatkan EZ Link card saya yang worth 27 dollars, MRT-ed all the way to some dobi thingy! hahahaha.. dhoby ghout station! sounds so like the kedai dobi, anyway...

went there for like 3 days 2 nights kinda thing, almost walk the whole central area jor lor!! anyway so these are a few observatory shits collected and jotted down lor :) only around central la.. tak pigi more outskirts de places..

1. Bus Stop Depan Rumah

serious shit, buka pintu depan is the bus stand jor!! awesome kan?!! hahahahaha..

2. MRT connects everything!!

turun jer HDB flat kami walk tak sampat 1 minute sudah sampai MRT station!! FUCKING AWESOME MAN!! masuk jer MRT it will bring you to anywhere you want to go, wont even kena rain, wont kena sun! that city link thingy links 3 different malls together its like damn freaking awesome lor, i first time there so macam jakun maze lost world shit! muahahahaha... you can even go to the airport and like study there for exams man, there is so peaceful and like so convenient to go to.. i would lor if i live there..  maybe SG small la thats why can like so.. like.. yea.. like that la..

3. Orchard Road itself got 4 Zara outlets!

omg!!!!!!! its like heaven leh!! Zara has like his own bangunan, TOPSHOP jugak, like 3 three storeys tim..

4. No need car!!

unlike some countries, this one boleh jalan anyhow you want and everywhere everyone walks! you basically dont need a car! heard that there are some plans that the MRT line thingy will be more extensive in the future that will cover almost every part of sg! now also damn awesome jor.. in future mai lagi awesome..?! i walk from Clarke Quay station all the way to the river walk thing, pass thru ONE Fullerton, pat my merlion, walk walk walk reach entah ke mana macam mana then got double helix bridge then marina bay sands.. the view at night is damn awesome lor.. and wont sweat de damn keawesoman! hahahaah..

5. Conveyor Belt catwalk thingy

the MRT stations there in SG has this long stretch of walk way but to make distance short there is this conveyor belt thing kat dhoby ghout station, i asyik catwalk jer when i pass there.. one day i think pass like 3 4 times lor damn sampat! hahahaha.. erm.. there is this underpass in ONE Fullerton jugak that has that conveyor belt thing.. damn awesome..

6. Sentosa

this place quite ok la.. bayar a few dollars then can enter jor.. universal studio saw the globe, bought some reese chocolates, my favourite!! went to the beach, there are a few there la.. but we went to the one sounded most like tuls slut thing so went to the SILOSO beach.. just because ada the S and the L ! hahahahahahahaha... but nothing much there la.. waste time.. so panas then cos went in the morn.. so in the end gulp on mcflurry and sit the tram shit back to the station and off we left.. hahahahaha..

7. Movies - Grand Cathay

the grand cathay hall is like the awesomemess place to watch movie lor, unlike some cathay somewhere, this one the kaki can stretch damn far out and the hall is freaking huge! hahahaah.. stupid tgv niama tak guna ban for life that one!! ooops! terwatched KungFu Panda 2, sorry bubu, my cousins belanja so.... kihihihi..

8. Clarke Quay

all my bimbotic ang mos gather around here lor!! i went there on a tuesday night and it was kinda pack jor.. cant really imagine on weekends.. must be filled with angmos... gay ones should have i think.. heard that zirca thing on sunday night is kinda awesome de.. kihihihihi... must go see see one day.. maybe cos i went was malam so kinda mazy again, i know that place is like partially indoor-ed with some air con blowing out from hole like thingys with bars and clubs by both sides of the place.. whatever you call it.. damn damn pack lor.. that small clarke quay thing i think got around like 50 or more bar thingy/food place lor.. damn saturated.. awesome shit..

9. Places I went

Vivo City
Suntec City
Raffles City
Marina Bay Sands
Marina Square
Shaw House
Paragon Shopping Centre
The Cathay
Somerset 313
Ion Orchard
Tanglin Mall
Wheelock Place
Clarke Quay
Double Helix Bridge

10. Funny Names

BRAS BASAH - wet bras
BUANGKOK - throw cock
ESPLENADE is pronounced as ass-ple-nate BUT
PROMENADE is pronounced as PROH-ME-NUT
so funny right? both NADE but different pronunciation in the MRT stations and i was like WTF?!! cant you just standardize this shit!


  1. Glad u had fun. And yes, the name dhoby ghaut came abt cos until the early 80s, there were still lots of Indian laundry shops. As for bras basah, the area used yo be rice silos and a huge fire occurred and burned down the place
    after the fire was put out, what remained was a lot of wet rice... Hence bras basah... Heh some history to share...

  2. Glad to hear that you enjoyed your trip down south.


  3. Sounds like fun!

    OMG I'm so excited about my trip now!! :D

  4. ahhh.. sg is so small that u can visit the whole island in less than a week... i love the efficiency and convenience over there... super safe, clean and nice.

    owh,didnt knw u love reese choc too.. hehe.. im addicted and im just cant get enough~~ i just cant get enough~~

  5. Welcome back!
    super jealous ah me hehe.. well will b there in 2 weeks time :P
    oh by the way heard of Odysey at Mont Kiara? thought of taking that :P

  6. i been to Singapore once very nice too..
    i though u going to the pink dot de....

  7. Where is your candid snapshots? Hehe

  8. @whizkid ~ anor!! :) hahaha..

    @peace ~ oh.. terima kasih cikgu! :) so how about buangkok? bangkok's brother?! hahahahaah

    @klex ~ :)

    @CX ~ my down south always enjoy de :) MUAHAHAHAHAH

    @jboy ~ yawor! you will enjoy your trip here de! kihihihi!! go kylie!! hahahah

    @eric ~ me love reese's long long time! hahahahah.. and i cant wait to go back again.. :)

    @keeceejay ~ mei theng gor wor... luxury bus hor.. should be awesome de la! have a safe and fun journey there alright?! *hugs*

    @natehill ~ hehe... me love!!

    @just b3cks ~ sowee... its kinda like rush... so like thta lor.. sorrrry...

    @naughty prince ~ i cant go le.. got ielts exam...

    @simonlover ~ shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! all those scandalous pics cannot surface de! MUAGHAHAHAHAHAHAHA