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t u l s

Monday, April 25, 2011

weekend getaway..

sat, bubu made a lovely dinner for us :) hamburg steak consist of ayam, lembu and babi (nice combo!), potato cubes, brocolli and grilled tomato as sides! haha.. i feel so hang fook that night.. it was a lovely dinner.. no candle la but the dim yellow light jadi la..

sunday, bubu and i met up with lucifer and kidz for a  5 hours karaoke session redbox style!, movie, and makan makan then sleepover :) wohoo.. just sent that hellboy and kidz off, one of them flying to gayland up north and one more flying back to gayland down south :) nice meeting them again.. hahaah... due to excessive gossiping + lack of sleep + sing for 5 hours non stop with limited drinks = dehydrated zombie.. haha.. eyebags worse then LV bag quality.. good luck to kidz and lucifer in finding love at gayland masing masing, by the way siapa nak pun boreh because kedua dua masih bujangs :) sila faxkan resume anda ke email i yang tertera di dalam blog sekian terima kasih..

sekarang kita akan meneruskan dengan revision for finals!! fighting!!


  1. Wow, what a splendid weekend!!
    ChenXing, pls email ur resume kk...

  2. Awww... so romantic. I know what you did to the Chinese words. Hahahaha!!! Trying to sign 'tuls'.

  3. Yummy !

    Next time post the actual photo ok ?

  4. Lei jao hou laaaa... yao jook gwong man chan halfway battling for finals. got bubu cook somemore... me pulak, im just done with my maggi at this wee hour halfway mugging on my notes... :(

  5. what the !!!! i expected explicit gayland sex stories! and fyi , why are u so MIA on msn (i wont eat u la , clayden maybe)

  6. @whizkid ~ hahaahahahah.. thanks! hahahaha.. CX? hahahahaha... omgg..

    @jason ~ :)

    @calvin ~ so panai...

    @CX ~ hahaha.. alright...

    @eric ~ was so tired i slept for 12 hours.. just woke up... gg.. so much to catch up..

    @kidz ~ -super like button- *click*

    @Afif ~ thanks afif :)

    @ooi2009 ~ talk to you later...

  7. hahaha.. it's normal la.. i also kept sleeping and waking up every few hours...