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t u l s

Thursday, July 14, 2011

back and busy..

i was on a "cousins getaway" vacation for a week plus and when i got back i realize i have so many things left to do for my visa thingy and im kinda lacking behind.. so i was out the whole day today and bubu is inside dying hoping that i wont get my visa approved kinda thing so that i will stay back in malaysia and dont leave him here alone...

its very selfish of him but i like!!,

but i know that he is still supporting me all the way cos he respects my decision and i lagi like it that way! hahaha...

im really tired...

after this got some stupid english test somemore and then im back to rushing for my visa thingy.. hahaha... play somemore la tuls, serve you right!!

so many things to write about the trip but hor, kinda no mood... stress wey... fuck.. visa o visa.... will mengeupdatez soons! muahahaha... 

oh yea... tuls and dancerboy might have a new blog thingy, a joined thingy soon! hehe...

MIGHT la.. i stress the might jor... so... just stay tuned? is tuned the right word? whatever la.. hahaha... 


  1. is the blog join thingy a sex blog?

  2. hahaha,i was wondering how are you doin and now there you are,updating!XD

  3. WAH!!! busy!!! still play poke poke la.:P

  4. sounds like life is happening to you... :D

  5. heh how come you could start applying visa before your IELTS?

  6. Welcome home tuls!!
    Good luck with your visa! :]

  7. @ooi2009 ~ its not a sex blog la..

    @ash ~ :) haha...

    @nicky05 ~ ok lor.. i poke you jor la!!

    @deicidal ~ it is :) haha...

    @ninja ~ IELTS is for immigration la dear not for applying VISA...

    @klex ~ thanks darl!! :)

    @CX ~ yea :) drained jor...