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Friday, July 29, 2011

stupid certs...

i was preparing my certs and dicks docs for my visa shit and i just realize something...

after all these years now baru i realize...

the most stupidest thing...


usually what is the normal size of a cert?

A4 right?

the stupid SPM cert has to be fucking smaller than the A4 size.. itu nevermind...

guess what?

STPM cert is fucking bigger than the usual A4 size!!

*irritated strained eyes*

seriously? cant they just standardize this shit? how to enter A4 folder wor.... idiots..


  1. you dapat 2.0 for stpm oh? smart ho

  2. i noticed that when i try to put in to the A4 folder when i got it...
    SPM and STPM is done by different association...
    that why lo..

  3. Har???

    Mine both A4 one wor, SPM and STPM.

    (Maybe they heard your complaint.)

  4. why u get 2.0 , lazy ass , as a penalty , have sex with all ur bloggers ...starting with me !

  5. You got all 2.0 for your STPM subjects ?

  6. mine all A4 la. don't use the carbon one, use the official cert with the pretty shining lines

  7. i know right!! so mar farn with that one isolated cert... have to selit in a file jutting out one side.. thts y now a bit caruk dy the side part...

  8. @brainy ~ thanks!! :)

    @delusion ~ hm... maybe la.. slap them man!!!

    @jason ~ hm... i dont care la.. oh yea, my ielts got thru.. hahahah..

    @ooi2009 ~ 2.0 is the highest band for sluts.. so i excelled in every way!! duh!!!

    @chen xing ~ yea.. its the highest band for sluts.. and all the subjects in spm such as chinese malay english french korean japanese all i got F, f for fucked! :)

    @tempus ~ hm.. good for you then.. means my years is the last year thats cacat!!!

    @eric ~ slap them la sohai!!! ish.. benci

  9. @naughty prince ~ my year is the last year they screw up.. oh well...