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Thursday, July 21, 2011

how long do you shit?!

was talking to a fellow blogger and suddenly my shit like nak keluar sudahs so i went to ze toilet and melepaskan geram sitting on the kimberly clark seat!

after 2 mins i keluar and re-chat back and he was like...


yer!!! so fast!!! you shit like a goat arr??!

then? takkan i sit there and wait for heaven to come meh?

i sit very long one leh!!


wanna gain inspiration ma!!!


so must sit long long till the thighs and legs kejang!



SO how long do you take to shit?!?! do you sit down and mengeram telur while reading the newspaper slowly flipping the pages with your saliva-dipped-fingers while consuming the aromatic air? or like me, when the urge is there masuk tak cukup 5 mins then keluar?


  1. be done with it as quick as possible. not good to kangkang too long. piles will come after ur hole...

  2. is the red thing berak ?

    why are the birds on the floor ?

    this is my fav post

  3. Hahaha...the bird(s) also die on the floor.

    Well, actually come to think about it...one thing for sure you'll feel much better after shitting. It's as if you just unloaded the stress.


  4. I usually settle within 2 mins. The longer you sit there, high possibility to get haemorrhoids. Inappropriate straining may even cause rectal prolapse.
    And what for letting all the germs and the smell sticking onto your books, or newspaper? Bad bad bad!!!

  5. and I thought I was the only one to write about shit! Haha!

  6. (Comment again after reading ninja's comment)

    I read somewhere some long time ago that you should finish it within 3 minutes, as a general rule. Haha.

  7. I take a few minutes, depending how hard the stage of angry birds i'm playing is.

  8. HUH!!! "choco cake" also must discuss ah?? next time I bring fresh "choco cake" for u ahh.:P

  9. at first i thought what's Kimberly Clark seat.. Was wondering if the american idol Kimberly Clark, stinks.. XD

  10. @delusion ~ no!! hahaha.. its censored la! thats all!!

    @lil prince ~ my gosh so gross! hahahahaha

    @kee ~ right.. but i still dowana go so long!! benci!!

    @ooi2009 ~ fav post? wow!! you...are.... unique! hahaha.. as in your taste is unique! hahaha... the red thing is censored and the bird died cos too smelly!

    @CX ~ are you happy? page 6 boy!!

    @naughty prince ~ i want to be done over it fast!!

    @ninja ~ so medical one !! i like!! hahahahaha...

    @peace ~ im shitty too! hahahaha

    @delusion ~ hahahaha Should? wah... got such thing..

    @deicidal ~ omg.. your smartphone surely contanminated jor!!!

    @nicky05 ~ tsanks!!

    @eric ~ thats kelly clarkson la sayang!!

  11. no no no.. there's kimberly clark in idol la... wait wait.. i go google...
    shit, sorry, that's kimberly locke... LOL.. harap maaf yer.. go get back to ur kim clark seat.. XD