t u l s

t u l s

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

tired die me...

had to go to the bank this morning the sunway branch located beside pyramid so i drove there at 8.30 but couldnt find any parking and so i parked inside pyramid. 

from the carpark to the bank takes about 10 mins walk.. so i reach the bank and guess what the bloody bitch wrote there open at 9.30am and so i waited like a sohai for 45 mins, went in and realize that there is a form that i left out in the email that is require for the bank to issue me a statement for my visa so i thought of just walking home cos i dowana drive my car out and pay parking again so i walk home from the bank and it took me 15 mins to walk home and guess what?!!! i left my house key in the car! thats just great!!! so i walk all the way back to pyramid's car park, another 10 mins and walk home 10 mins.. print the stuffs out and walk all the way to the bank.. 15 mins.. altogether i reach there at 8.45 but i baru settle everything 11.30

later that i went to uni to get my transcript and my prof said that i got a tan... but in my heart i was like saying.. this is a tan over a tan.. sohai sun i hate malaysia's weather for now!! grrrr

after uni i went and meet bubu for lunch.. he tapau-ed my favourite food for lunch and ate at his place with his 2 brothers...

after makan i feel so so so tired so i just drop dead at the couch.. bubu join me minutes later and we were lying on each other comfortably..

bubu needs to go soon to teach while i need to go collect my CAS letter for my visa and we were so tired we literally said...

i wanna sleep... i wanna sleep *simultaneously*

i dowana go and take the letter....

i dowana go teach..

then the second brother was like ....

one dowana go take letter and one dowana go tuition... then dont go la...

lets just sleep *in a tired way*

yea.. lets sleep... *lazy tone*



omg!! we are not gonna have sex la~!!!

hahahaha.. sleep is the real sleep la!!

how i know you la!!

*all laugh*


  1. that's a lot of walking in 1 day! Not to mention the freaking hot weather makes it 10 times worse!

    i feel tired just listening to your journey hahaha

  2. Whoa walk like that, I might commit suicide haha
    And... What a cheeky little bro lol

  3. Hhahahaha...walking can be good. It keeps your body slim.


  4. take walking as exercise...
    brisk walk 20 min per day good for health...

  5. I can feel the pain on my skin if I walk under the sun nowadays... WTH...
    yea I really hate malaysian weather recently... hahahaa!
    poor you....
    btw, bubu's brother is so cute! hahahahaha!

  6. @jboy ~ hahahahaha.. *hugs* drink 100plus!!

    @orange-wee ~ lets jump!! :)

    @CX ~ er... thanks?

    @naughty prince ~ yes i know but now in pain.. my thighs.. hahahaha

    @ninja ~ i know!! lets go and have winter soon! muahgahahahha

  7. so when u're in UK, it's gonna be
    Bubu had a little tuls,
    Little tuls, little tuls,
    Baby had a little tuls,
    Its fleece was white as snow
    i hate the weather here either!!