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Saturday, July 23, 2011


i just came back from a funeral down south and bubu went for his dance thingy up north... we are once again apart.. but still reachable by phone..

ok.. to boast a lil... i receive a fan mail thingy.. muahahaha.. so here it goes...

hi tuls and bubu :)

i've just came across your blog a few hours ago, and i've spent the next few hours reading.
nice blogs you guys have there.
i'm currently in an ldr, which hopefully will be over soon, in a good way lar... cannot tahan alredi, haven't meet my bf for almost one year, haha.
im leaving this country by the end of august, back to malaysia for good. it should be about the time you arrive in europe. best of luck to both of you.


its really nice to get feedbacks and mails from readers which i appreciate very much and akan menge-reply everyone of them.. some even became close email-based friends.. so terima kasihs to semua yang write in.. (padahal onlyy a few, hahahaha)

long distance is really a thing for quite a number of people.. skyhawk la.. will.i.am la...

how does it really feel?

yes you are connected by technologies but its still different in a way lacking the warmth of cuddling and the touch of the lips.. etc..

its gonna be tough for bubu and i..

but we have decided already.. that we are gonna fully utilize the remaining time we have here in malaysia.. whatever happens after the separation, till then baru see la how..

and thats TULS 3.0.... 



  1. I'm sure you and bubu can pull through!! :P
    Good luck with shopping too. lol

  2. so, the uk thing is a ON on?
    good for you.
    ask me go shoping with you please

  3. haiz, now i have everything required to apply visa, except my CAS. =.= Damn sweat right? i actually got it on monday, but got typo, and now need to wait for another round for them to re-issue me a new one... wth....

  4. hello. tuls
    i am your silent reader
    started from year 2010 dec
    wanted to ask you some question.
    before that, i would like to congrats you as you were able to get your visa to uk. i plan to take up ielts. academic one.but i don't know where to start. how to start. any self learning materials required? any recommendation? need tuition? may i know what is your band score? hope to hear from you. steve.

  5. Hi Tuls. Another fan of your blog. Where in UK will you be for your studies? Well LDR is a testing time to see how strong your bond and commitment to each other is. Anyway, wishing you all the very best in all your undertakings and if you really really do miss bubu there is AirAsia LOL cheapest airfares you can get. :)

  6. hello tuls ,

    another fan here .

    Ilove you

  7. oh you just come back from funeral*godiva hug*

    and all the best for your ldr*another godiva hug*

  8. @klex ~ *hugs*

    @brainy ~ hahahahaha... the Uk thing is OK so far... so hopefully la..

    @ninja ~ im getting my CAS this week hopefully fast la i damn gan chiong edi...

    @steve ~ hello!! thanks so muchy!! erm.. if you have done muet then its actually kinda similar.. if not then heres the deal.. there are four modules and listening and reading you can literally ace it one! speaking is based on luck and you have to non stop talking / crap! they are recording it so you dont have to look at the examiner only the voice recorder.. writing is also based on luck! you just go google ielts speaking/writing/reading/listening and there will be examples and tips for it! good luck! i dint buy any books for it so dont waste money!!

    @alee ~ *hugs* thanks for reading!! :) im going by emirates for the first time.. cos its booked by the uni's agency.. we are going in a batch.. so yea..

    @ooi2009 ~ hello there! i love you too! *rolleyes*

    @naughty prince ~ *hugs*

    @ash ~ *hugs*