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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

booked my flight...

i might be leaving end of august if my visa is approved... the flight was booked by an agency... hm... to think of it i only have like 6 weeks left in malaysia if its true..

so much to think..

cannot say stress but..


guess the ldr will be here sooner than i thought..


oh well...

im going for a wedding dinner after this.. damn lame got wedding dinner on a tuesday...

its either the date is super awesome or the couple is desperate to get married cos ada "so ha" in the buncit... hm... so ha = bayi in kantonese...

oh well..

gonna be extra fat again... nyum nyum nyum nyum...

part of me is super excited and cant wait to go over to UK, i never thought that i will be missing this place but now.. as the date grows close... somehow.. its coming up.. the part that i never knew exist.. haha.. is this normal?

like the part where i realize how much bubu means to me after i go down to sg for a week... not that he dint before.. it just confirrm the feeling i have for him...


sei lor...

after this will have depression and stress and rambut gugur semua... shit man.. i dowana be like the ang mohs... all botak one.. hahahahaha.. jahat aku...

oh well...


dont care la...


  1. ur angmoh map abit distorted loh =.= hahahahhaa

  2. Tuls....don't go !!!!!

    Btw, that's Bubu's dick you drawing ?

  3. haha, im only flying on the 7th of sep. the latest among my batch. ><

  4. Everyone flying every direction dy. Continue blogging ah!! :P

  5. I cannot imagine what u r going through, but I sincerely wish you and your bubu the best and hope it all works out! I mean it :)

  6. Sigh, it's heart wrenching to even read this. You guys'll make it!!

  7. why u so rude har , always dowan to answer my comments , i shud spank ur rear end now ok!

  8. LDR is not easy but i know both of u can do it..
    before going want some yum cha????

  9. yaya@naughty prince @TULS,yumcha yumcha!!!tell me when u all free :)

  10. @AJ ~ cannot help it...

    @CX ~ hahahahahaahahha.. you want is it? you can have it when im in UK!!

    @ninja ~ oh okay!! i have placements then so have to go earlier...

    @Klex ~ will do! it will my tuls 3.0 the journey in UK!!

    @jboy ~ :) hahaah.. will update about that soon dont worry and thank you banyaks!

    @deicidal ~ :) *hugs*

    @ooi2009 ~ youre always about sex sex and sex! hahahahaha.. other than that skyhwak's post, which other comments you memang is you yang bercakap and not the hyde in you yang cakap?

    @jackson yee ~ hello! thanks for visiting!! :) *hugs* and what about bubu?

    @naughty prince ~ yea!! can de no problem!

    @AJ ~ you organize la!!!