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t u l s

Monday, July 18, 2011


went for a musical last night in Istana Budaya - Dreamgirls... its the one beyonce and jeniffer hudson acted in and so the bar was raised damn high cos the expectations is there... 

it was the Gala night and everyone have to somehow wear formal clothes and even the Sultan Perak was present to watch it and guess brapa harga ticket ku? RM400 hahahahaa.... and i got it for free!! yay!!!

bubu ada 4 friends in it and i know 2 of them so boleh la... go and cheer them on!! :)

the girl that played Jeniffer Hudson boleh katakan SAMPAI la... not too bad la but the beyonce role is so disappointing!! beyonce ada itu OOOMPH that the small kecik Cheryl Samad tarak!! i dint know she can sing and... yea.. it was overall great la but whenever beyonce keluar i will just tutup telinga.. hahahaha i know i jahat...

We Are Dreamboys.. Boys... we'll make you happy.............. hahahaha... 
Dreamboys will never leave you!! :)

i slept for like 12 hours last night and im still tired... 
i need to get my bio clock back jor...
its taking a toll on my body...


  1. Why your dreamboys characters all 3 also the same one ?

  2. @deicidal ~ :)

    @chen xing ~ i copy the poster!! :)

  3. ahhh!! u actually watched it!!! how come i wasnt escorted along with the sultan..

  4. eric..
    i ask ur friend escort u lo..
    the music drama nice???

  5. @eric ~ :) blek!! cos im the tuls!!

    @naughty prince ~ nice but i no like beyonce!!