t u l s

t u l s

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

tuls is fat...

how you know when youre fat?

your thighs rub on each other when you walk and the skin starts to burn and then with the addition of the sweat makes it worst! 

yea.. thats how i know im fat! :)

hahahaha.. i know a few of you will be like: *in a bimbo tone* yerrrrrrrr.. tuls is a fat boy, lets not read his blog anymore.. we only like hot and sexy ones, i wonder how he got all the sex last time.. yer... fatty... 


you can lick my ass! and now its fatter its sweeter! 

hahahaha.. i know this is an excuse but why am i fatting myself up now is because im preparing for winter wtf! hahahahaah.. mentah mentah UK ada winter tapi belum sampai nak jadi gemuk brown fats menunggu kedatangan musim salji...

oh well.. 

its good la..

im comforting myself in another way thinking that fat people can become hunky and hot after intense work out.. hahaha.. *rolleyes*

gay and proud! xmen adaptation.. now is 



  1. no la , im fat also , are u like sammo hung?

  2. too skinny like me not good...
    i like the teddy bear u give bubu...

  3. haha you're fattening yourself up to prepare for winter?

    that sounds like something a squirrel would say prior to the hibernation period! hahahahaha :P

  4. hear hear! big boys rule here!

  5. how can u chaffed the thighs? how u jalan lah? jalan naked meh?

  6. i know i am fat coz i see the tire on my stomach

  7. Yerrrr! Fat boy!!

    Hahahahaha. Just kidding. And you're NOT fat! And don't even think about hibernating! I wont let you hibernate! xD

  8. @ooi2009 ~ =.= erm.. im more like gerard butler jan 2010 but the spare tyres smaller! :)

    @naughty prince ~ then try to add some weight.. and i like the teddy bear i gave him too! hahahah

    @jboy ~ hahahahaha.. im a sandy!! hahahahaha

    @deicidal ~ yo yo brother!! whatsup!!!

    @clayden ~ nola.. i fat ma!! =.-

    @brainy ~ erm.. i also got small one!

    @aiden ~ hahahahahahaha... blek!! i will want to hibernate!! blekkkkkkkk!!

    @PFJ ~ dowan.. like kena fucked like that!! bottom ma.. must stay poised!! always!! :)