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Monday, July 25, 2011

lead a normal life...

so i have lots of versions of what my mum had said to me about the gay issue and still denying it that im really gay and hoping that i could change (btw im still not out to her) and this is the latest!

after coming back from my cousin's wedding that she dint attend cos of work...

so hows the wedding?

it was ok la.. normal nia.. got my favourite roasted piglet! haha...

mm.. the bride pretty or not?


*look at me seriously*

what? *giggle*

you have to lead a normal life ok i tell you...

oh my god so now my life is not normal is it?

*both diam*

then i went into my room.. hahahaha... we dint quarrel.. just avoid the topic nia both of us.. hahahaha.. its not that i dowana come out to her.. i just dowana another commotion, not before i leave... everyone has been saying that its a good opportunity bla bla bla... you are not me, you dont know the situation.. period!


  1. Hmm. me too are not out only to my family. They kinda knows. but it's difficult to just say it. No worries. we always knows when the time is right.

  2. tuls , can i plse chat with u ? i miss chatting with u lah , at night also u or dancerboy not there . ur a person that i trust , sometimes want to chat also :(

  3. "Gay and proud!" (quoted: cloudznine ^_^v)

  4. "you are not me, you dont know the situation.. period!"

    Totally agree with that! And, I'm sure you'll tell her when the time is right. :)

  5. gam ngam geh!! Watch this>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=faOf0qSI1us&feature=player_embedded#at=33 !! LOL

  6. i think when u able to support urself then only tell...
    how to define normal and abnormal???
    all the best to further ur study....

  7. @two horns child ~ *hugs*

    @ooi2009 ~ i gave you my number wert! forgotten jor la? just sms me la :) haha.. sorry la been busy...

    @alex ~ muacks!

    @aiden ~ *hugs*

    @CX ~ i love it!! trima kasih!!

    @eric ~ see what youve done!! muahahahaha

    @naughty prince ~ ya... see you soon hopefully! :)

  8. see what i have done?? hurh? what did i do?