t u l s

t u l s

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

articuno is having some CRAIC!

it was 8 degrees celcius when i was walking to the lecture hall today ..

half way through something happened..

its kinda amazing... lol.. i mean its my first "mystical" breathing shit but still its kinda cool in a way..  so i was blowing my friends all the way to lecture hall.. :)

sorry for not drawing anymore cos i have no idea how to draw using MAC.. lol.. even if i did also cannot upload here de so no point.. so from now onwards its back to normal pics lor.. kihihi..

my pokemon blizzard technique will continue sampai winter habis i think.. kihihi.. so its awesome! :) and i learn a new word this time..

CRAIC! pronounce as crack

:) lol

its an Irish thing that means FUN i guess..

so, lets have some icy craic people! lol


  1. You were blowing your friends to class?.. Interesting.. haha!


  2. Like the above! Hahahaha!

    In a way also become like powderpuffgurl la xD! Blossom also can blow icy breath :P

  3. are you serious???? was that really your 1st time experiencing that????

  4. imagine having that craic thingy when having sex , sure sejuk the partners face .....on another note , dancer punya kenot fit lah , i was suprised , but really im too tight !

  5. @klex ~ :)

    @alex ~ :)

    @CX ~ :)

    @naughty prince ~ :)

    @ninja ~ :)

    @ooi2009 ~ :)

    @le chatelier ~ :)