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Sunday, October 30, 2011

when you zong yi(like/love) someone older..

this post is specially dedicated to ZY..

so couple of years back i used to date this guy thats older than me, erm.. well you can say that he has everything you want in potential bf  and that he has made me raise my criterias in looking for a bf after him.. so anyway.. he was 7 years older...

so things to expect in an older guy in a student's point of view:

1. he is more experience

2. he is career driven and financially stable

3. he is romantic

4. he is mature

5. he is someone you feel secure with

but thats not always the case..

1. experience is more of a qualitative thing, yes they may that: "yea older people is more experience(in everyway including sex)" but they are also capable in tricking you to have sex and then leave you after that with the same kinda experience..

some still virgin at the age of 30, so how? very experience meh?... neh...

2. career driven and financially stable?

thats not always the case, you will often get customer service exec la.. admins staffs la etc.. IT execs are a hell lot.. haha.. lets just not go there.. those who are really financially stable is either taken or straight! lol

3. romantic?

not always the case, how can you ask a shy guy to be romantic? its another subjective thing.. and romantic on its own is define in many different ways too! you may think that flowers and fancy meal is romantic, but some thinks that romantic = popping corn and enjoying a movie at home.. to some it might be hiking and jungle tracking.. lol..

4. mature?

he could be more childish than you! remember! lol

5. security?

if youre a bottom, you will tend to find someone bigger than you.. but if youre a 6 footer like me its gonna be difficult to find a top thats taller than you and fits your criteria, and i dont like to spend the rest of my life with an angmo and asians are generally shorter than me so its gonna be a hell difficult huh..


the moral of the story is...

screw your expectations...

as long as youre happy, then just do what you enjoy happy doing.. as long as you like him and he likes you, you dont have to care what other people say.. he doesnt have to be the most handsome guy on earth.. but to you he will always be.. :)


  1. *likes* this post so so much! :)

  2. Got same thing for you at my place

  3. So gonna remember all the reasons and go hit on some young twink :P

  4. Yes, there's something about an older man (not too old though) that is such a turn on haha!! I think the max limit for age gap is probably around 10-12years plus. Anything beyond that, then it's just like sleeping with your dad/uncle. Gross.

    Men are like wine.. they do get better with age. It's a natural progression of gaining wisdom and life experience by just simply living :)

  5. i like them mature and hairy (re:clayden),.....btw i ate kfc today , the chicken small lah

  6. @ninja ~ thanks! lol

    @brainy ~ hihi... lazy is in love! :)

    @savante ~ omgucci!!

    @jboy ~ you can do any age ok!! lol

    @ooi2009 ~ i miss kfc! hahahah.. and clayden is not your type ok!! i know! lol!!

    @le chatelier ~ erm? me? or older men? lol...