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Friday, October 28, 2011

prease do samting abourit!

my degree is a 2+2 programme which is self explanatory that i did my first 2 years in malaysia and two years in the UK but there are like a whole lot of malaysians who started their degree straight since first year here and from the 200 of my class half of them are malaysians who started off since first year..

they are here for at least 2 years now but their proficiency in english is just not up to par with the others..

ok fine, lets not compare the malaysians from the ang mos but seriously if you dont start speaking english and just mix with you own friends speaking in native mandarin thats not gonna help you at all in improving your language skills and communicating with the public in future for whatsoever reason..

we've been splitted into groups and in my group of 25, more than half are malaysians and you can easily spot who can speak and who cant..

its so funny when you try to speak with an accent and fail miserably? hahahahhaha... its kinda sohai and i also laugh inside my hati!

but seriously coming over here for 2 years and no improvement is a shame and you expect yourself to be a doctor, dentist / engineer whatsoever in the future? how do you wanna talk to your colleagues or patients without any barriers???

im not trying to boast my england or what but at least its decent and its an understandable americanized english..

sometimes i feel kinda embarrassed for whatever reason when they cant answer questions asked by lecturers just because they cant really express their ideas and thoughts through words cos of poor language vocab and understanding...

eee.. buck up buck up.. tulsie dont be a snobbish shit ok.. you just got here so always remember to be humble and noble ok... yes.. lol.. monologue much..


  1. you are such a bitch. lol. karma will bite your ass one day.

  2. we have tonnes of reports/portfolios/essays/reflections to write here which i hate to the max, can't understand why they just like to torture us so much.
    My tutor gave me comments on my Precis: points & contents are all there, grammar usage is perfect, and even better than some of the locals. The only thing is that I "EXPRESS" myself too technically. She doesn't like my EXPRESSION! and suggested me to read more novels (which I should, cos i was too lazy) and see how they EXPRESS... :X

  3. ur my kinda bitch , yeah baby!my fav tuls ya

  4. kinda agree with them trying to imitate that accent and failed doing so, always trying to impress us who are still in Malaysia, XD whatever~~~~~~

  5. I wanna have spanish-english accent,it sounded cool!XD

  6. I know right haha! they make Asians look sucky!
    but can't blame them also.. coz English was never their first language.. they probably don't speak English much growing up here.. esp those who went to Chinese school and have 99% Chinese friends hahaha XD

  7. @little prince ~ i am always a bitch! hahahah

    @ninja ~ erm... i know how to express milk! lol... bodoh la mereka!

    @ooi2009 ~ right..

    @orange ~ hahahahaha.. slap those bitches!!

    @ash godiva ~ right.. better not fail talking it! :)

    @jboy ~ true true.. oh well..