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Thursday, October 27, 2011

my 400th post..

was talking to bubu yesterday and he knows that i cry in UK more than i did in malaysia..

bubu: dont worry about me la, i wont break down..

me: haha.. i know you wont.. was just talking to brainy smurf just now and he is on a ldr now..


haha.. i teared up when i found out about it..

lol, so emotional nowadays hor?

nola, UK very dry ma... makes my eyes too dry, have to moisturize it a lil..


talking about moisturizers its super cheap here in the UK! lol maybe not london la but me outskirt sikit so cheaper la! ahaha.. and got people's name ends with TONER so i think there is cleanser and moisturizer out there too! wtf!! haha..

"Beware of men who cry. It's true that men who cry are sensitive to and in touch with feelings, but the only feelings they tend to be sensitive to and in touch with are their own"
-Nora Ephron-

found this somewhere.. true ma? what do you think?

i think its quite true and it reflects most of the guys out there.. haha.. selfish bastards... including myself! haha....


  1. Don't cry. Cheer up a bit !

    Fine me Mr. Cleanser & Mr. Moisturiser ok ?

  2. crying is good sometimes, who says men cant cry?? XD

  3. I think it's true for me, hahahaahha.

    I tot UK is very damp, like always raining?

  4. actually since ur single , why dont we hook up , im a tall dark and handsome guy

  5. Big boys don't cry! Muhahahahaha... Nar, not really. Sometimes I feel so much emotions going on in me that I want to cry, but I can't. And that hurts even more. =(

  6. haha, you didn't mention oh, i cried also when you told me about the break up.

    bodoh us 2

  7. man always thinks for himself first ma.
    of course, there are exceptions la :P

  8. ok lor i admit la... but you can't deny that I feel for other people sometimes also mar...

    most importantly cheer up la, you got your grandson here all the time

  9. I haven't cried in quite some time.. used to happen like maybe once every month or two, because of the 'problems' that were going on in my life hahaha..

    these days i've seemed to toughened up. :)

  10. @CX ~ lol... you come here and find la! come crash my place! hahahaa..

    @naughty prince ~ haha.. normal la.. miss bubu nia.. nothing much..

    @orange ~ :) hihi...

    @delusion ~ the rain here macam tak boleh tengok at all but its raining.. very vapoury.. its wet but dry... erm.. humidity is generally low although it rains.. i can put my milo packet open for weeks without closing and nothing happens.. it wont get harden whatsoever.. hahaha..

    @vincent ~ boomz you!

    @ooi2009 ~ ok.. sent your cv to my email thanks! :)

    @ev.c ~ erm... yup.. same case la.. but this time i terletup nia.. haha.. maybe cos its a different type of impact gua..

    @brainy ~ eeeeeeeeeee... *hugs*

    @deicidal ~ haha.. fine sometimes i cry when i see some emo movie also la.. lol

    @tempus ~ omgosh... ok ok.. stop the grandson ok.. i malu la.. where got so old! :) hahahahahah

    @jboy ~ you damn happening now ok! no reason for you to cry! and please stay that way!! :) hahahhah