t u l s

t u l s

Saturday, October 8, 2011

autumn kills everything...

i've been thinking alot.. its so not me.. cos i dont usually think..

life is not easy..


its autumn now..

the leaves are all dying and falling off..

everyone around is breaking up, some had to stop their course entirely and return home, some had problematic accommodation issues that are nasty and messy..

i know there are no perfect roads in life..

there will surely be a few bumps along the way..

after crossing the first few bumps and knowing the intensity of the pain and damage, automatically we will modify ourselves to make the next few bumps less bumpy and painful... (im not a car, just trying to relate..)

when i read about famine and stuffs happening around the world, i just feel grateful to be able to come this far...(bimbo...)


to those that thought life is hard, think again..

you think your life is difficult? there are worst out there..

so be grateful with what you have..

live everyday to the fullest..


its 4 in the morning and i should be sleeping..

so good morning everyone!! its a brand new day!! wohoooooooooooooooooooooooo!!

the prize money i won from the competition all went to the few new outfits i bought for winter and also for formal outings plus a delicious pizza takeaway..

yes i know i need to save and everything but... i felt really happy spending money for once after coming here for more than a month now.. :)

moreover im not wasting my parent's money, i earn it with my voice... lol

my hair is getting longer day by day...


  1. autumn is also getting colder =z=

  2. come winter ur hair will be long enough to style like bae yong jun hahahah

  3. i want fuzz ...., btw how is dancer doing , really never chat with him long time , need to rasa him a bit

  4. @klex ~ trima kasihs!! :)

    @CX ~ up to you la.. every entry also can be used as teaser entry la like this lol!

    @jason ~ anor.. today 8, yesterday 8... lol

    @deicidal ~ i wish.. i want lor all those korean hair styles.. lol

    @naughty prince ~ :) yup yup!

    @ooi2009 ~ he is good! go and rasa la if you can reach him !! wtf!!

    @ninja ~ tell me about it!! :) im more north than you are ok! lol