t u l s

t u l s

Sunday, October 16, 2011


and so i started to use the word lol..

not in my everyday speaking life but in the online world la..

i dont like lol dulu cos i suka gelak macam gila and high pitch and i find whoever that uses lol instead of hahahahaah is kinda erm... erm... like that la..


im trying to integrate myself to the society.. lol.. sorta! hahahaha.. lame-o.. but the hahahah part of me still will be there sekali kala..

some times i do use lol then ahahahahaha but people question the act of it cos they say its stupid..

i know..

whatever la..

i like la..

at least i dont go "lol" when you need to laugh in real life scenario, now thats so hai!


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  2. you won't go lol in real life. but you're probably like this, actually.

  3. oh shyt i think i used pretty much lol!!!!!!
    gosh see!!! oh well but i was smiling broad most of the time when i did so. XD

  4. i met ppl who will say lol in free life, the sad thing is he thinks he is cool. haiz, he need a reality check.

  5. babi , why dun reply my comments , sundal lah you ni!

  6. @deicidal ~ no lor.. im not de lor! lol! haahhahahaha...

    @L2 ~ hahaha.. no particular reason! :) muacks you!

    @ninja ~ oi i come find you soon ok!! :)

    @vincent ~ yup!! :)

    @ooi2009 ~ where? lol... which one!? hahahaha... i terlupa kot..