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t u l s

Sunday, October 9, 2011

im not from china..

i get a lot of the below scenario and now to an extent i find it very annoying jor..

them: hello, are you from china?
me: no.. im from malaysia...
them: oh, are you ma..
me: no, im chinese.. (duh)
them: but youre from mala..
me: malaysia is a multi racial country... bla bla bla..
them: your english is really good huh..
me: *smile* (but actually in my heart i damn terasa like wtf, just because we are asians we cant speak good english one meh, CB)

its just the start of autumn and temperatures are reaching single digits now.. i wonder how winter will be :)


  1. Some UM cunts asked me: Are u a Japanese ah? SOHAI sial!!!
    And u fit my friend's description of makhluk halus... The face ah... blurred jor ah... LOL

  2. This is the moment where you wished there's someone to hug to sleep while on bed.


  3. yeah, they asked if i was japanese, which although sounds better la, but its still a bit sour.

  4. vincent... more % they ask if u from vietnam... anyway.... instead of terasa.. u shud be flattered.... hahaha.

  5. Wait till they comment the size of your 'member'!

  6. yea the ppl here's Geography sux. They know nothing about asia except china. They expect all the chinese are from China. I had many similar experiences too. ==

  7. hahaha go make us English speaking Asians proud! ;)

  8. i like the tallness of tuls , its so refreshing

  9. nono u are Malaysian!! Bangga rakyat!

  10. @naughty prince ~ anor.. i think so too.. so ignorant and pabo..

    @le chatelier ~ im hot makhluk halus thanks! lol.. but its really damn sohai la.. sorry for the perasannes wtf!

    @CX ~ dont rub it in you idiot!!

    @vincent ~ still asians.. please dont compare! lol.. i'll slap you! hahahaha

    @whizkid ~ right.. wth.. you pun gila sekali, so where should i ask you you are from leh whizkid? lol

    @Keong ~ oooo.. new commentor! arigato gozaimasu!! :) thanks for visiting and no lor i wont show them my bird bird de lor!!

    @ninja ~ ok la.. you look more china than me! buahahahahahaha

    @jboy ~ i am doing ok!! remember i won the singing competition beating all ang mohs? duh...

    @ooi2009 ~ thanks everybody thanks!!

    @deicidal ~ lol.. im latino!

  11. heh why your face censored one......

  12. @Ai ~ im not as brave as you la darling! thanks for dropping by :) we have one mutual friend on fb.. lol