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t u l s

Sunday, October 23, 2011

alcoholic noT!!!!!


back in haramland i dint even touch alcohol at all..

not that im muslim or what..

im just not exposed to it since young and its not very economical to drink it there and it taste funny anyway..

at most like once a year kinda thing..

now that im in UK, i drink like maybe once a month? ok la.. maybe twice a month..


i mean i just got here and the stats is still not constant or it still doesnt represent me kinda thing but yea..

i got tipsy twice already..

haha.. the feeling is ok ok la...

not that i enjoy drinking or what..

but the thing is people just ajak you and belanja you drinks and the whole pint of shit is in front of your face and if you dont drink you dont give face and its a waste of duit also...


i see my kawans muntah and all.. like s....ssuffering leh..

ee.. i have to stop liao .. hahaha.. i mean im not wasting any money on drinks cos its all treated by orangs..

but still..

people drink beer like drink water lor...

morning breakfast you pun nampak orang minums sudah..

anyway i came up with something lame..

the local drink here is Carling, some beer shit..

so.... food + beverage = bad, because for eg. HAM + CARLING = HAM CARLING..



i know..



  1. LOL!! As long as you don't get addicted can dy. And avoid a beer belly!! >.<!

  2. wah why so nice one, got ppl belanja..hahaha!
    but if give me also i wont enjoy... XD

    the only alcoholic drink i can tahan is cider. XD

  3. it's nice to drink a little just for the fun of it.. but when it reaches the point of puking then u know u had too much >.<

    i'm super afraid of puking, and I can't stand watching someone else puke also...

  4. beer belly? tulsbear in progress? :P


  6. who teach u to drink? !!! lol... there's a beer that is non alcohol drink but tastes like beer. in germany it's called pil. not sure abt ur place. ah its called beer belly. lol...

  7. @kaylex ~ i wont dont worry :) hhahaha.. i have my principles! :)

    @ninja ~ thats the worst thing to drink! i hate masam masam!! :) i love sweet sweet stuffs like long island! lol

    @jboy ~ i wont puke i promise!!

    @deicidal ~ lol ... i will never be bear! too vain to be one! lol

    @ooi2009 ~ go la!

    @koala ~ hahahahaha... i wont have it! dont worry! no one taught me btw.. i just drink nia! lol