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t u l s

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

cold feet..

woke up for a lecture at 9...

had only 6 hours of sleep last night, blame it on masturbation...

anyway sekali bangun i was like FUCK! its damn bloody cold!

i tekan my phone and found out its freaking 4 degrees and autumn just started wtf!! they say its strange this year to have such temperature this time of the year but whatever..

i have to mandi cos my hair is so lalang-like so i put on my bath robe and walk to the shower..

omgosh the hot water is so nice but the shitty thing is the bathroom is so cold that the hot water turned cold when it reaches my kaki... cibai or not i ask you omgosh...

i didnt want to off the freaking water cos its super cold but kena jugak..


funny funny things happen...

a friend was brushing her teeth half way and she turned and looked at me as i was passing the toilet and ...

friend: hey..
me: what?
friend: i dont feel like rinsing my mouth..
me: huh?
friend: fucking cold...
me: so hai... ahahahahahahah

but seriously its damn cold..

i was at one of the hallways of hogwarts wtf!! its freaking awesome la!!


  1. you damn free la you...
    I had only 5and a half hours sleep thanks to revision, gonna have exam on Monday... ZzZzZz
    And this morning I had to wake up at 7.30am cos need to meet my tutor for case discussion at 8.20am. ZzZzZz,,,, It was 5 degreeC... wtf...

  2. how nice if u could just point to a pile of firewood and go 'Incendio!' poof no more cold.

  3. ur rite , klex so young , OMG , like a kid , i shudnt have kacau him la!

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  5. are the ang mohs over there dirty ? hygiene ok ? they fart or not ?

  6. tq tuls.(for comforting)
    glad to see that you are having great time there.

  7. take good care of yourself ok :)
    i wanna live in seasonal countries!
    if by some miracle i save enough money to fly i go find u hehehehe

    be strong!

  8. @ninja ~ now kinda free.. i go jalan2 banyaks! lol.. maybe christmas time come cari you ok!! muacks!

    @deicidal ~ i wanna do that lor!! i will incendio maximus it terus!! :)

    @ooi2009 ~ what klex klex all? i dont even understand?!! the ang mohs very messy de lor.. mainly cos they always drink and get drunk.. like all the time.. in terms of hygiene if youre talking bout dick cheese etc im not sure cos i belum cuba.. but practically its the same everywhere, you tend to get people who dress up and smell good and some who doesnt shower and stink... normal la.. they fart? or fat? my place got lots of fat and fit people lol!!

    @brainy ~ eeee... no prob la..! hope everything will be fine!

    @LMO ~ hahahaha!! of cors!! come here.. got free accomodation!! :)