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Monday, October 24, 2011

no more long distance..

its not that im coming back home..





bubu and i mutually agreed to separate(yay!!! ok fine those who were expecting this to happen you can rejoice now!! *rolleyes*)..

haha.. some of you might say: so fast cannot tahan..

for those who survived long distance relationship then good for you la thats all i can say..

its not easy to be on constant missing someone and when you are expecting him to be on skype and he is not there due to some reasons and being not able to tell you and you tend to wait for hours only to feel super exhausted in the end.. its usually him waiting for me..

its not easy to be waking up to his bed time.. being 7 hours behind time complicates everything.. when i come home from uni he will be sleeping soon and when i wake up he will be out.. contact time definitely is reduced drastically..

its kinda a relieved in a sense that i dont need to be constant worried about him seeing his friends, or go to the clubs, whether will he make friends with the wrong bunch, or whether someone is cow-ing him or something..

i dont have to be jealous, i wont need to doubt him, i wont need to question(or maybe argue with) him, not say that i dont care but at least if he really were to go out and mingle i wont feel that bad now that we are not together..

its not like im gonna take this opportunity to slut around(you guys are thinking it huh!!??)... think what you want to think la.. a slut can never change its spots la whatever la..

its so hard for me to cry but i did break down one day in front of bubu over skype.. haha.. to think of it happening is so funny cos i look so ugly then(not like im very good looking to start with)...

so whoever who wants to cow bubu, please go ahead.. he is a free man now lol

please dont ask me to stay strong or try to comfort me cos there is no need to do so..

im perfectly fine..

i think about him everyday like he is with me so i dont feel like its a break up and we still keep in touch everyday(its not an open relationship cos we dont believe in it)..

why not still continue long distance you ask....?

its not as easy as you think...

if we were to meet again in future... haha.. sometimes you create your own fate, but if really there is fate we will definitely meet each other again!

its not a sad post!! lol


  1. Glad to hear that it's a mutual decision. All the best to you and Bubu.

  2. you sound nothing but still very bitter lo. *hugs*

  3. gotta admit distance relationship is kinda hard to endure

  4. oh man, this really comes as a shock to me... well i'm sure this decision came after much thought, and like you said if fate has it that way, and you 2 meet again some time in the future who knows what might happen right..

    ughh relationships are so hard to sustain, that is why I remain so skeptical about it until today.. i'm probably better off alone >.<

  5. Soon we'll expect posts on European delicacies =) All the best and have a great time in UK. Networking should be your priority in college!

  6. All the best, if you 2 were meant to be, there will be a day where you both can continue, if not, friendship will be just fine

  7. i want to boink him now , yeah!!!thanx

  8. i admit that LDR is not easy...
    trust, missing someone and faith will be tested..
    i been into that situation and i knew it..
    all the best in ur studies...

  9. ^^ I saw BUBU on last sat!!! :p (dont ask where did I meet him pls)

  10. if u really love each other...stop relying on fate and start making future plan of how you can see each other again...utilise technology these days, you can still care for some1 although you are thousand miles away...is jz a matter of u want to make an effort or not...

    pretending u no longer care and movin on with ur own life while trying hard to ignore ur true feelings will only make u miss some1 more...

    i place my bet here if each of u can ever find such love again within this 2 yrs...

  11. Sigh, so it was an expected decision huh.

    It is disheartening, but I'm sure you 2 know what's best for each other.

  12. Sorry to hear that but since it's the personal issue between you two, so only you two know what's best for the moment. Hugs...

  13. A glimpse into my future?..
    My turn coming soon i guess.. :((

  14. yayayay! so when do I get a new grandpa? wait, I didn't even get to meet the previous one. DAYM.

  15. i'm more to think that as the time off.