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t u l s

Sunday, October 14, 2012


so this Badak guy, he recently just got out from a ldr.. well... im not really sure about the whole situation la but it seems like ldr is not that feasible if either sides are not ready for it..

im not sure ...

like ldr is not something i would opt to do but it sounds interesting..

i know you cant really play with love but like.. haha.. i dont know la..

so for now i dont really wanna even(try not to) flirt with that Badak boy la.. cos i think he needs time to recover before anything, the last thing i want is me being a rebound ... LOL!! as though he wants me like that.. hahahahahaha...

but yea..

I think i could try this ldr thing, well, maybe it may not work for us but like.. it might work for me ...

that badak loves ldr kinda thing and he thinks it really test both parties mostly on temptations.. haha..

well.. it would be a very very big test for me..

not to say that I will start anything with him or whether he likes me or not(i dont really know what is he thinking at the moment either) but its an option.. haha..

ive known him for 16 months.. thats long enough right?

but like ldr, if in future, there isnt a path where we cross together, what are the possibilities of a future then.. i will also need to really try to find out what is he really thinking..


this silly Badak gives me the tachycardia shit sometimes ... its a good thing right? haha.. he is probably sleeping now, like you...

im working in an hours time, have to go get ready..

i'll catch you soon!! :)


  1. all the best to u ..
    n just enjoy the moment :)

    1. *hugs*.... blessings from the diva! muacks!

  2. Can I say I'm happy that the blog posts are no longer titled Dear bubu,?

    I know you are going through a lot, probably more so than any of us will know or will ever know... If your mind were a supermarket, there's just a surplus of inventory for the emotional aisle right now, and I know you will sort it out with the supply chain in good time..

    I guess a new name/look for the blog is good.. It denotes a new chapter, a new slate :)

    1. babi,, i know... thats what i thought too.. lol.. my blogger faulty la.. i cant make any changes to the template.. i can only stick to the original setting in terms of font colour etc..

  3. Takes a lot of time and effort to make an LDR work :) Especially with so many sweet temptations around!

  4. I am confused...I followed your blog right from the beginning and now I am confused, haha..I am not sure why ldr between you and bubu doesn't work out, since you are keen to start another ldr..or maybe there wasn't any ldr between you and bubu, it was just not possible? I think I missed something in between maybe..No no I am just curious, you need not answer me..I don't even know why I am writing this in the first place, hahahaha! Anyway, good luck in your new relationship, it's good to get out from the past!

    1. basically, bubu and i, we seperated because we know that ldr is not going to work for us and true enough, he found someone else eventually and Ive had my string of flings... so... yea.. haha.. lol.. and there isnt a new relationship anywhere yet! lol... :)