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t u l s

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Dear bubu,

Today is like every other weekend... Got up when the sun(if exist) is at its highest cos last night i worked till half 12..

at least my expenses and utilities are covered by my one night's pay at the takeaway...

today is also house chores day for me, im doing the mopping and the sweeping of the floors this week..

im also making dinner for the house tonight, making my specialty celery tomato chicken soup :) i make this every week and it taste delicious(lol perasannyer, housemate say one ok)...

i need to start on my final year project already and also presentations to prepare too...

this year's timetable is more relaxed more self study hours for us but that will only make me procrastinate even more.. haha.. will try not to do so la but too much time will divert my attention elsewhere... lol...

i miss you..

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  1. why cant u write anything like dear ooi , something nice abt me also ? cb

    u must be such a slut , bitch !