t u l s

t u l s

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Dear bubu,

Just came back from my meeting with my final year project tutor.. he is the sweetest thing ever.. dont think i will have any trouble with him this year so its a good thing.. he taught me since year 1 but i doubt he remembers any much more than the rest..

anyway, apart from him i also have got another lab supervisor and oh em geeeee he is so cute and super sweet as well omgosh.. lol.. shorter la a bit but like, when he smiles, i was like inside melted like that.. hahahaha... not sure is he gay or not but whatever la.. cant say that he is an eye candy like yesterday's case but like he is super nice la..

anyway.. my title and hypothesis and all those crap is out so i could start anytime.. really cant wait..

autumn is here as we speak..

the trees are colouring up now..

its constant 5 - 7 degrees every night now and its only the first few weeks of autumn.. haha.. could feel that this winter will be colder than last year, like a lot colder..

woke up to pee this morning at half 5 and couldnt sleep back after that.. the weather is so cold that i have to hide under my duvet but its so hot inside that i sweat.. maybe cos last night i masturbate until internal heat build up.. hm...


got class in 5 hours but i cant really sleep now, the sun is too glaring and i think my cortisol level is just too high for now..

i got a presentation in 2 weeks so am preparing it now..

ttyl ! :)


  1. internal heat from that wouldn't last so long, but it will keep you warm when you feel cold by doing it ; ) Sorry that part caught my most attention..lol