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t u l s

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Dear bubu,

This week's house chores im in charge of sweeping and mopping the floors so as I was doing it I run my playlist along la cos if not will be damn boring, brought my laptop and letak it in the kitchen and then play la kan...


Like that also i kena complain from my housemates, its freaking 4pm on a Saturday, i fucking do the chores for 30 minutes maximum, you wanna complain that i on song too loud? No brains arr, you fucking do house chores without music you see you siao or not, dah la i so musical talented, want me to do stuffs without music.. i fucking irritated one day if i beh song that bitch i will on the vacuum loud loud and vacuum the floor outside her room for 10 minutes see whether she siao or not..



im so tired liao..

gonna make dinner in like an hour..

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