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t u l s

Friday, October 5, 2012

Dear bubu,

the first thing after opening my browser after waking up, gmail automatically pop out and i was really shocked cos it wasnt programmed to do so and the first email that was sent to me was a link to your blog.. writing that entry you wrote.. well i will eventually find out but..

I really hope that I'm there.. by your side to help you go thru this stage..

but i know, for now, at least, there is someone there who you could rely on.. well, everything happen for a reason..

silent battle is not really good, because the world might just crashed down on you and you will just be buried underneath altogether and no one knows..

i know no one can do anything to help but sometimes talking to someone could help a lil..  crying it out and not trying to keep everything inside could do you some good..

youve been too strong for too long since i left and i know it cos youve said that, one of us must be strong for us, although there is no us now but i know youre still staying strong for me.. but now its ok to let go, cos im no longer you cant do this all alone, keeping yourself busy and occupied might just be the only way now but you need to get some support alongside..

i'm always here for you, and so will all our friends, all the bloggers and everyone that love us.. ...i hope that this mode of communication helps a lil...

if there's no one else in the world you could pour out to, do it here b...

i still love you idiot..

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  1. no words can express how I feel for both of you.....all I can give is just hugs for now.