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Monday, October 8, 2012

Dear bubu,

Its 3.38am now.. I've told so many people im gonna go sleep, but in real fact im masturbating...

I'm so addicted to it now omgosh like im doing it 5 - 6 times a day wasting fucking lots of hours on it..


ive got a class at 12 noon tomorrow so that gives me ample of time to sleep..

i have still got a few aik cheong instant teh tarik powder packets left.. hm.. i drink one cup every night now.. its so rare but its so addictive and drinking it reminds me of our mamak session..

i never once order teh tarik in Malaysia but here i crave for it so badly.. maybe cos Malaysia i only drink cold stuffs cos of the shitty weather..

im losing focus la b...


havent been skyping mum for a week or two liao, i dont really know how is mum doing or how is the money coming.. hopefully she is alright there la.. 

im not sure whether i told you about my rash or not.. ive got a rash thing since march, all over my back and chest and around my thighs, oozing and itchy and flaky... and ive been on short courses of antibiotics, was on anti fungal cream, scabies cream and all those shit la but till now still no improvement..

im on the steroid cream for 2 3 months liao, started of applying twice a day and the rash went away for good but once i stop the cream, 4 days later it appeared back and so i use the cream every 4 days for 2 - 3 months now and its still the same..

later on i cannot tahan liao i went online and try to see whether what can i cari about my rash.. i self diagnose myself with pityriasis rosea.. no known cause for this sohai rash and it last from weeks to half a year.. mine is with me for 7 months liao.. hm... you say lah.. i sien or not..

its spreading till my arms now..

lol.. dont ask me about did the couple complain about my rash when they had it with me...

anyway.. so i read the forum thingy that sufferers wrote about their experience and there is one case where he shower with head and shoulders anti dandruff for itchy scalp shampoo and i tried using it and it works la..

so far i havent been using the cream liao and the rash full blast came out, after using the shampoo, the rash somehow under control.. its super dry now and i try to make it as dry as possible by not applying moisturizer and its starting to shed off slowly ... anywhere that once had that itchy rash is now a rough patch of dry skin... im hoping that it will go away.. but.. .hm... my body is so so so rough now.. :( i feel like using the steroid cream but long term using it will cause uneven coloration which i tak mau.. haih...

stupid rash...

ok la.. i go sleep liao la.. night b..

you take care over there in KL k..


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  1. Tak sakit ke tuls sampai 5/6 times satu hari... Banyak juice seh awak. Anyways jangan risau sangat lah kay.. The weather is really depressing but hang on! When you come SG nanti can belanja awak makab