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t u l s

Friday, October 12, 2012

Dear bubu,

Boo! how are you?! :)

I turned into a sex addict liao.. lol..

one thing i notice is that, 9 out of 10 ang mo that i slept with doesnt wear anything to sleep..

well, its not that i cant accept, just that im not used to sleeping in the buff .. at least not with strangers..

its quite potong stim for them.. but whatever la..

i recently rejected a guy cos his place doesnt feel safe to live with.. well.. he rents a room and his room isnt really the cleanest nor tidiest.. not that i am but if its worst than mine, means its bad..

another one is cos his bed smells of his body.. like to the max kinda smell and thats what i hate about sleeping in the buff is that the bed will smell of him and if he doesnt produce nice body oil, the bed stinks and if he doesnt really change it frequent its such a turn off..


im not picky.. its just... well.. im particular... hahahaha...

omgosh i feel like a sex maniac all again.. haha.. no idea how other people will think of me but whatever la.. cant be bothered..


anyway, was talking to someone earlier this about acceptance and all, well, as much as i talk the talk, but if i was in his position, i dont think im able to do what I told him about..

sometimes to think about it, its so so so so easy to say stuffs but when its time to do it, it will never be done.. my life is so messed up now i dont think im in any position to tell people on what to do next.. haha..

gonna continue doing my presentation stuffs...

i'll catch you tomorrow :)



  1. Cleanliness is always a priority! :O!!

    Big no no to horrible smells >:(

  2. somehow im jealous u can have so much sex with ang moh ....are they so receptive ? and dont they have looks preference ?