t u l s

t u l s

Saturday, October 27, 2012

date? what date?

maybe im cursed...(i dont really believe, this one dramatic a bit)..

maybe im just destined to not date.. haha...

cos 9/10 of my dates never come.. postponed.. or cancelled...

so what is it this time?

well, yesterday he was busy making dinner for his friends and, ok fine, we move it to today then...

and then today he is too tired.. and also has to prepare for exams..

ok lu.. i believe...

well, masters student ma.. what to do.. :) not benefit of doubt or whatever la.. me no care anymore.. sien..

good also la..


oh well...

anyway, last night it snowed wor apparently when i was sleeping.. and when i woke up.. its already over..

oh well...

there you can see a layer of snowish thing stuck on the wiper of the car.. snow during the start of autumn wor, apocalypse soon kan? lolllll...

whose car?

well, lets just say last night after i was rejected the date, i was super horny that i have got plan B? lol...



  1. purleese la... masters where got so busy... lol... and not like as if the exams was only announced today... chey!

    so what was your plan b?


  2. Plan B sounds interesting. Care to elaborate? (:

  3. Me also.. Haha, they suddenly turn extremely 'busy'.. Lolol

  4. Why is it when I was there, it never start to snow and now when I am back in the States, it turn from cold to warm! What the....