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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Date on Friday!!!

I really cant wait! haha..

so.... its really hard to find anyone to wants to date(disregard other intentions) cos its either SEX or no SEX and dates are like secondary kinda thing in the UK, as in so far la...

so this guy... he messaged me one night and I took 24 hours before replying.. haha.. that was around 1am after i finish my presentation preparation shit.. and surprisingly he was quite a quick replier, either:

1. he is hunting for sex

2. he is super horny and hunting for sex

cos it was 1am then and... hahaha.. but anyway he said that he just woke up cos he was too knackered before that.. haha.. i just take his word for it lor.. hahahaha.. oh well...

but like, i dont really care about what other intentions he has but like this is like the first time after a few months since my last unsuccessful date and the several postponed/cancelled ones and im really looking forward towards it.. haha..

its friday and its for dinner, will be in Newcastle to be safe and like if anything goes wrong i will go like: JASON!!!!!!!!! HELPPPPPPPPPPPP!! hahahahaha... yea.. Jason is just around the corner..


anyway Vincent was over in Newcastle to visit the husband over the weekend but i was just too occupied with this sohai presentation that i couldnt go meet him... hm... feel fuck la but... haih... and then there is the Edinburgh Games which i will miss jugak.. oh well... vincent and I memang got no jodoh since last time one.. my jodoh is always with Jason jer.. haha.. maybe I did not put enough effort as a friend? urgh... benci kan... (i know he is reading, i assume la he is reading so i purposely write how remorseful i am here so that he will mempersimpatikan me.. lol...)

anyway, daddy hasnt send the money to me yet, i dah lah told my kawan that the money will come in mid october.. hm.. think i should go talk to her tomorrow and tell her that the money will come in in November ba.. well, daddy said early November... and.... haha... i trust him again... oh well.. i think she would understand la kan... but really hopefully that the money will come in la... 

its 3.37am now and i just kinda finished my presentation shit, left referencing nia.. and I bet that reference thing will take a fucking whole day! hahahahahaha...

oh yea, about that badak guy, he... haha.. take it slow la kan... dah la so menjauh one him... if its meant to happen then happen la kan?! hehe...

and my student, Khai, his birthday coming soon, it would be nice if you guys meet up and just catch up a bit.. haha... being here so far from home, it would be nice if there are some close friends gather once awhile and just catch up.. and your presence would be a good present to him liao... im sure he misses you...

miss ya idiot! i gtg go sleep, tomorrow meeting my presentation partner in library.. maggi is my staple for the week liao really damn sien.. mum sent me 2 months supply of instant noodles during April and i just started using them.. :)

now Karen Mok's Ru Guo Mei You Ni is playing in the background.. haha.. accidentally pushed one tear out my triple eye lid eye...

Jolin Shit is performing in London this weekend and ive got a few friends going for it.. haha.. reminded me of our concert days..

k la k la.. damn tired liao!

tarra now..


  1. Have fun for your date.

    Should put some vegies or eat fruit, healthier for you. =)

  2. Two months supply of maggie??? How many are those??? O.O

  3. I just wanna say... Go go tuls. Lol... And when are you gonna sing for us again??? (: