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t u l s

Sunday, October 28, 2012

too trivial to matter...

its the end of october liao... hm... dad should be sending money over early November, now im kinda gan chiong.. haha... if he delivers, ok la.. but if not....... jeng jeng jeng...

my takeaway place is closing for 3 weeks means im gonna be jobless for 3 weeks and now i have less than 100 pounds left... wooooooooooo.... scary nyer......... have to berjimat la..

the timothy thing, im putting it aside liao.. haha.. dating stuffs are so sien now i dont even wanna think..

haha.. im really tired of looking.... the feeling is like having a permanent erectile dysfunction... haha..

im gonna put that aside la.. compare the two things make the dating thing so trivial..

on the other hand, everyone has been asking me: tuls, any christmas plans? .....i will just smile and say no each time..

oh well... ive had enough for now la.. i think.. hm.. i think im gonna go find a job over winter break la.. just as long as the snow is not that terrible, i think i can manage one ba.. hm...

a rainbow can appear even in the gloomiest day, im just hoping for the best la.. its been below 5 degrees constantly now.. the cold brings out the most fragile side of me.. haha.. drama much.. lol..


  1. u talk abt ur dad giving u money , have U given me money for my sexual favors ?

  2. still have how many years need to be there?

    1. well, im doing my final year now, and then ive got 1 more year to work.. and then.. see how after that lor..

  3. Indeed.

    Rainbow is just so hopeful to look at.


  4. suddenly rasa macam miss u . u are really a dive sayang . hug u