t u l s

t u l s

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Dear bubu,

Recently I had a threeway session, it was with another couple, its my first time in my life doing it so at first i was still very very gan chiong, anyway im not going into details but it ended good and after that they made a meal for me, i had baked salmon and pasta and garlic breads.. and also my first try of gin and tonic..

its really overwhelming, its something not expected out of a sex session.. i later get to mingle with their three cute fluffy dogs and for the first time in my life in UK i feel at home.. it was a banglo-ish kinda house with the backyard twice the size of the house and its really really comfy.. we talked for a couple of hours before they send me home..

they're gonna bring me out to the scene one night i think.. but of course not gonna to just take their word for word la.. will just see how it goes lor.. haha...

im just so horny here omgosh... i havent had sex for months and now this release is a good one.. lol..

im having milo and white chocolate bars for tea now.. revising on Medicines Act, Poisons Act and stuffs.. so boring.. but got small test tomorrow so have to lor...