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t u l s

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

200th post..

first it was the first post..

then the tenth one..

my blog started to get noticed when it reaches the 100th post..

and now the 200th post!! :) weeee................ hahahaah...

and as of yesterday i got 50 followers le.. haha.. happynyer.. 

i mean, thanks for all the support from bloggers and readers... you know who you are.. wahahaha.. if youre reading this means its you lor... dont deny le.. smile :)

thanks for those who put in effort to comment :) some comments are so funny that i laughed till my mouth cramp and my stomach hurts.. 

lots of friends that ive made thru blogging.. a really awesome bunch i may say.. :) some are wise.. some are slutty.. some are hot.. some are hunky... some are cute.. some are shy.. some are quiet.. some are reserved.. all walks of live.. me happy for knowing so many awesome plu-s :)

this blog and its influence has become a part of my life already.. sometimes when i go out with bubu also will talk about it and we will be like: erm.. wah.. yahor.. go out also talk about blog.. geng! hahahaha... it has grown on me so much that i will definitely relate it back to the blog when certain matter arises..

i remember once when i was in MP and Kayson was like introducing me to a few people: there this is the famous TULS! erm... im not famous lor.. (modest a bit.. must one..) i mean, as compared to pluboy or simonlover im like some anai-anai(termite = small/ unimportant) lor... its so funny for someone to call me tuls but luckily up till now no one actually calls me that.. hahaha.. thank GOD!! hahahahaha... 

bubu on the other hand got lots of friends calling him bubu real life.. hahahaha.. so funny la when i heard those.. hahahaha...

anyway hope that you guys enjoy what ive been writing so far and.. sometimes its really difficult to find topics to write on and to crack my head for one is really like cb...

haha.. anyway..

Happy New Year Everybody... 

no need to do resolutions.. just go with the flow.. *wink*


  1. Congratulations on your 200th post! Keep writing! and keep drawing! Love your drawings.

  2. COngratulations! Keep the XXX cumming ya! Oops! Haha. Me still too discreet to be famous lar! You will "ngau huet" if u see me live in person! Hahaha...

  3. congra for the 200th post... Silent reader but read all ur post... :)

  4. congrats! looking forward to reading the next 200 :P

  5. thank you everyone..

    simon, i wont vomit blood ok!! trust me, everyone is beautiful in their own way..

    ryan, not silent anymore? hahahahaha...

  6. Keep updating your blog :D although I don't have much time to read as working but i will read all your posts when i got holidays :) like now what i am doing :) Congratz for the 200th post!