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Friday, January 7, 2011

ice cream talk..

i love to eat ice cream but i like the hard crust cone instead of the soft one.. only McDs ice cream cone is soft and i damn hate it to the max. so one day i bought two cones in McDs for us and this conversation came up..

b, can you get me a spoon?


i dowan to eat the crust, its so soft i dont like one...

yala... of course you dont like SOFT one..

mmm... *smile* i only like to eat the TOP!!..

yala.. you memang.. only like the TOPS!! no need to take spoon la.. later i give you MY TOP to eat la!!

then i give my BOTTOM to you? *raise eyebrow twice*


both burst out laughing!! hahahahahaha...


  1. i like soft ice cream cones... or not at all. -__-

  2. You could have chosen the sundae ice cream that comes in the plastic cup with a spoon. Hahahaha!!! So, what's the continuation after the ice cream talk? Hehehe...

  3. True enough, nobody likes it soft...

  4. @vincent ~ er... ok.. hahahaha...

    @calvin ~ hahahahaha... thats slightly exp and i was only craving for ice cream and not chocolate so yea.. hahaha..

    @alex ~ i'll have some with you very soon.. hahaha...

    @CX ~ hahahaha... i like it soft.. then after a few rounds of mouth activity it will become hard as steel! hahahahaha

  5. If I talk like this, my bf will go all mushy and give me that silly grin. :P

  6. Only mouth activity ? No more other ways to make it hard ?

  7. @c'est la vie ~ hahahahahahha.. its his way maybe.. hahha.. cute..

    @CX ~ can de.. dont need to say it here mar.. a lil kiss on the lips.. a lil touch on his hands.. a lil whisper in his ears..

    semua pun boleh :)