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Sunday, January 16, 2011

wash hair...

one morning i went over to bubu's place for my stats thingy, he got that software mar. reach there jer he was still sleeping like a pig(why pig arr? anyone know the reason arr? other animals dont sleep one meh? why not sloth or something?).. after entering the mum asked me to go drink liong sui(herbal tea) she made.. haha.. MIL so awesome kan.. MIL = mum in law ok.. not MILF !! anyway.. so i enter lor his room sat there for awhile then he wake up forcefully to help me with my stats cos my assignment is dued the following day.. his eyes are barely opened and there he sits on the chair in front of his lappie and i was standing behind him..

while waiting for the com to start kan nothing to do so i mai just mess around with his hair and then i saw lil white stuffs on his hair like so begitu banyak one...

b... er... you know hor your hair a lot of dandruff la...

oh.. really arr?

er... yea(bitchy tone)!!

oh ok...

dint you wash your hair last night?

er.. no.

what the... omgosh so oily!!!

i dont wash it everyday one la.. 2 3 days once..


yala, the natural oil will come out and moisturise my hair making it smooth and soft...

vomit blood la.. i wash everyday one lor.. wait.. as in.. everytime i shower i will definitely put a lil shampoo and rub it all over and wash...

so now you dont like me is it?

hahaha.. what the fu%&! you go and wash your hair after this OK!!! UNDERSTAND?

er.. no! im having my rehearsals tonight, im gonna dance and sweat anyway.. im not washing...


TULS, auntie made your favourite ABC soup arr, later before go back drink one bowl ok!!

YES AUNTIE!! *smiles*

i mean how hard is it for a guy/boy/man to wash his hair, wash everytime not good meh? im not asking you to put shampoo on and leave it soaking for 10 mins.. just rub it all over and rinse it off la.. i cannot tahan oily hair, if i dont shampoo my hair i dont even dare to wipe the water off it using my towel cos it will defintely make my towel oily(imagining).. and to wipe my body with it, like dint mandi like that...

and it dries easily la come on.. hair so short.. yer.. oily dandruffy hair damn turn off!! 

thankiu MIL for the awesome soup.. inside got pai kuat some more!! WOW!! hahahahaha...

how often do you guys wash your hair jek?


  1. Everyday la! Sometimes if I sweat too much, two times also got in a day! ISh!!!!!! DIRTY TO THE MAX!!!!!!!!

  2. Mostly, I'll wash it every night.

  3. It depends. But mostly one time everyday. If I not using any hair product, I probably just let water runs through it. I read some where that if you overdo shampoo your hair everyday, it will get ruin.

    p/s About the fb thing, well..I think not ready yet to msg u there. But it is nice to know you!! :)

  4. I wash everyday. Don't you get it? He's waiting for you to wash for him ma. Hehehehe... like that also don't get it. Hahahahaha!!!

  5. i wash it every time when i take bath. Gosh ur bf is disgusting, maybe it's time to teach him a lesson. Dump him. LOL

  6. yay to everyone except willk.. hahaha.. how dare you.. piak piak!! hahahaha... he will wash liao de la.. :)

    joey, wokay!! no prob de..

    calvin, tau je kan you?!! hahahahaha

  7. wash it every time i go to bath lor. if bath 3 times then wash 3 times XD. If nt, my scalp will very oily and dandruff will follow me!

  8. nice one talented boy!! good talents you have! hahahaha.. like me! hahahaha