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Sunday, January 2, 2011

midnight samaritan cont..

i went home after lunch with Jason today, after i parked my car and as i was closing the door, the same voice i heard the other night cry out to me again.. i saw an old lady in her wheelchair out in the open sun with an attached umbrella right across my house..

hey young man..


are you the one that helped me the other night?

*smile* yes...

wah.. thank you very much arr..

haha.. no problem..

are you a residence of heaven?

*blur* er... what?

are you c-h-r-i-s-t-i-a-n? (why cant she just say it, she spell it out one by one)

no im not.. *smile*

oh.. so what do you believe?

*smile* i believe in God but i dont have a religion.. *smile*

who is your God?

oh.. God is God la.. haha.. no who... *smile*

oh.. okay..

*smile* *thunder*... ok .. i better go in now.. see you... *smile* *went into my house*

what are you studying?


ok.. nice talking to you...

bye... *close door*

wow.. what a conversation.. she is just a lady living a few house away.. she is not a ghost or anything.. i laugh my ass off reading the comments from the previous post!! hahahahhahahaha...


  1. Seems like she wants to preach something ;)

  2. I know she's not a ghost because our tuls is clever enough to run when he sees one. I always thought you have good judgement, reading from what you write from your previous blog posts all this while. :)

  3. Seems like she likes you... :)

  4. wah can have deep conversation with grandma wheelchair oh...
    have u seen the other resident in the house ka?

  5. @jason, TZ, D ~ :)

    @alex ~ i think so too.. scary.. hahahah

    @lil dove ~ thanks :)

    @mycroft ~ got :) they are all like working people malam baru baliks one.. hahahah