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Thursday, January 6, 2011


earlier yesterday bubu told me something.. he asked me to check facebook and so we did and we found that a close friend of his deleted him from fb.. grindr blocked, gave the cold treatment, sms or call also no reply.. and everything went cold from then onwards..

some people asked me why am i so furious about it.. 

some said:
well, forget bout them... those who stay wit u is da one u shud b paying more attention to n not those who left. 

true enough..

the reason why i am mad is not because i sendiri cari pasal, its because bubu is hurt by that asshole..

bubu was there for him when he was at his lowest point.. till the point of ending his life and bubu was the one there to talk him out of it..

i was not jealous about it but bubu put so much effort in nurturing the relationship and get shit back in return..

that ass was a no life shy cb and bubu intro-ed him to a whole load of awesome friends.. they are still in his friends list on facebook but just bubu and i was deleted..

if i were to really hate that bastard i would personally ask all those friends who he had made thru us to delete him off from their contacts as well..

let you live the life you once had..

i sacrificed so much of my time with bubu for you to have some "therapy"  time with him and now you just throw the friendship away..


i wish you all the best in life man..

dont come looking for bubu when you need someone to talk to after this..

even if he dont mind, doesnt mean i will let..

bubu treated you like a friend... 

you know yourself.. 

you might have just lost your only true friend in the world..


  1. No point. I have such a friend too, deleted me from his FB without any reason. I don't give a damm fuck to such ppl.

  2. sky sky, can i add u instead? xD

  3. You serious tulsy? Can...of course...

  4. That's why, just like relationship...friendship is also very complicated.

    I choose to have one or two good best friends to really comfortably share my feelings with them while the rest are just close friends.

  5. so random?? really no drama or interesting stories behind??

    **Sky, lol.. did u read properly who was asking it??

  6. @Kidz:I think there must be some drama interesting stories, please tell us Tulsy.

  7. yeah sad to say that you and bubu were used and dumped right after he got what he wanted. If i were you i'd definetely tell those friends you've introduced to him to not contact him anymore and tell them what happened (at least).

    to be honest, i dont take to such people kindly and i'll do all i can to teach them a lesson so that they wont hurt and abuse other people. But you're not as scary as me :P

    sky sky if you're adding lucifer you'd better add me. muahahaha.

  8. Sky, i meant did u read carefully who was asking for ur facebook... check what u wrote up there.. hehe.. =p

  9. @Kidz: OMG...Lucy was asking....hahaha...sorry sorry....I didn't notice...You are so observance!

    @Lucifer: Yes, yes, I will add you...Sorry for my ignorance. Cheers...

  10. @skysky ~ you better becareful.. once youre out, you will never gonna go back!! :) and you blur blur.. i think lucifer will be upset liao.. you rejected him in a way cos you thought its me.. hahahahaha... if he cries, im gonna smack you!! hahahahaha...

    @lucci ~ i think skysky is hot...

    @kidz ~ no drama... bubu is ok now le, i told him not to bother about that guy anymore.. im relieve now cos i got more time with bubu.. hahahaha.. selfish i am.. i know.. hahahaa..

    @CX ~ good for you.. :)

    @alex ~ hahaha.. thanks one.. stupid bubu dint realize it until he saw your comment.. hahahaha..

    @foxy ~ dont be so scary ok... keep your tails to yourself and also, hang up that poster we drew for you :) hahahahaha.. on your wall!!

  11. @Tulsy: Ok ok..I better take your advise...it's not because I don't want to be out, I just don't want to disappoint Lucy. After he added me in FB, his dream will burst...lolx!

  12. hmm... i wonder if this is a good time to point out shudn't it be 'observanT' with a T... nah.. that wud be too bitchy...

  13. i noticed that too kidz, but just hush hush la.. later the zi jun sum gone then skysky malu.. hahahaha...

    sky, you got fb meh.. hehe.. now i will go and mengecari gali you!! wahahahahahaha

  14. @Kidz: Now you are declaring to Tuls' readers you are T? Point taken...but role can be changed as and when needed. lolx.

    @Tulsy: Cari-gali pun tak guna...Skyhawk has no FB...hehee.

  15. ng guai tak la... ok ok.. nevermind... hahahaha.. but even if i found you also i wont add you dont worry.. even if i add you also no one will know cos my fb friends list is hidden and all my post to my plu friends are privatized :) wahahahah...

  16. anger angerr!!! i know someone who is like that also!! u know also!! angerrr unleash rawrrrrrr

  17. @kenn ~ thanks for visiting :) why so angry one? dont dont.. not good for health.. hahah..

  18. HAHAHAHA... I cut off those people whom would always seek help of advice from me in the past.. HAHAHA..

  19. oh ok.. understandable.. they make it a point where its like they are somehow burdening you kan? its annoying like if lets say someone knows that youre in the medical field then they will come ask you should i eat this or should i take that and what interactions will it have if i do this.. i mean.. if once a while ok la kan tapi sometimes they just take you for granted thinking youre like the knowledge dispensing machine.. siao.. i mean thats just one case la.. ive got different ones as well.. oh well.. i mean.. sometimes some people are not aware of it, but its really annoying.. especially when you are occupied with something... ok.. this comment is too long i guess.. hahahaha...

  20. Hahahaha.. yeah.. kinda like that la...

    I hate when people take other people for granted.. and yeah.. overly emo people are irritating as well.. LOL!!!

    Hmmm.. Mr. tuls arr.. is there any possibility that the ex-friend of your bf has deleted you and him from his contact list because he has started to have feelings on one of you? hehe..