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t u l s

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

eustress begins..

its the second week of the 4th sem le.. assignments and presentations are accumulating and my study life resume back to normal.. the first week was gone just like that and i dint even do anything much, procrastinated a lot not doing my assignments and blame it on my brother cos i rarely see him so i played a lil too much with him instead of doing revisions and completing my lab portfolio... hm..

the portfolio is due this friday so im kinda rushing in a sense to finish up everything and there will be mini test next week and 2 presentations the following week on the same day.. gosh.. i hate group presentation.. especially when one of the groupmates love to talk like grandfather.. ish...

portfolio got some lame-O statistics in it that need some software called SPSS to generate the output and to get results from there.. that one really sien lor... im not a bad student and my grades are ok la but last year i failed that stupid stats paper.. hahahaha.. i got 39/100. ridiculous... hahahaha... i never pay attention during class and thats why... that bitch is just too boring... sorry.. hahahaha... oh well...

so many freaking test, this test that test and then all the name all so kelakar one.. got Whitney Houston test la... Avril Lavene test la... all the name all so funny.. and to know which test to use for which type of question is killer.. i give up.. among all the terms in stats i love MANOVA the most, not that i understand it, its just that it has the word MAN in it! wahahahaha...

ok.. no more procrastination liao tulsy!!

i will master stats this sem!!

i will ask bubu for private tuition le.. his stats powerfuller than me lor..

fighting tulsy!!


  1. ganbate !!struggled during my sem also...
    anyway your drawings ah.. getting more powerfuller also lol

  2. Haha. I absolutely hate stats! It's just evil!!

    Good luck! And I didn't know your sem started! The last time we talked, you told me about some exams. Has it really been that long? O.o

  3. I used to learn how to use SPSS too..but that was few years back...