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Thursday, January 13, 2011

routine is not good...

bubu and i spent most of our time together.. regardless whether there is an exam going on or whatever la.. its till a point where we have to meet at least once a day... and after our 6 months mark i think we basically meet each other everyday... its somehow starting to become a routine or such..

routine is ok cos we get to meet everyday..

recently i have been rushing for my lab portfolio and i somehow did not meet him for 2 days straight cos of the assignments and somehow he was mad at it.. women got mood swing i understand but bubu also wanna pms skali..

stupid boy..

try to pull those kinda emo stunt on me some more la!!

ambik kau i will lovebite your neck until you cant go school!!

routine is not good...

2 days already like that hor, 2 weeks how leh? what about 2 years? hm....

i dint sms you nia, cos i was busy, doesnt mean that i miss you any less..

i dint meet you nia, doesnt mean that i love you any less..



  1. Yer. Such a bian tai drawing hahahaha! :P

  2. Busy, and yet still got time to draw ?


  3. tudio....the love bites in the picture...*gasp*

  4. on second look:

    OMG it IS a love bite!!!

  5. bz2 pun sempat update ya...
    Matila ..mengutamakan pembaca dan peminat katanyer..

    Wah...sudah mau jadi vampire aa..anyway absence makes the heart grow fonder..takut slalu sangat jumpa u bosan pula...

    p/s Eh, kinda stumble on your fb ler :)

  6. LOL, your drawings always drive home the point of your posts. This one caused me to spit out my drink. Good work, haha. -Teo-

  7. Maybe Bubu can give u lovebite until u cant go to school or lab, then u will be forced to stay at home.. or if that doesn't work.. prob handcuff is the answer.. =p

  8. ... my dear u watch too many twilight. = =

  9. Its the price of being with our loved ones...be it our beau or friends or family..there will be a time when we seperated from them..gosh...im writing this while missing many people right now:(

  10. @alex ~ thankiu veli march!!

    @CX ~ yalor.. hahaha.. i dont like my post without drawing la.. i find it very the bosan..

    @delusion ~ thanks! hahahaha.. i know its awesome!! hahahaha

    @joey ~ eh... really kah? hahahaha.. but its privatized la.. as in.. you cant really see much.. send me an fb message la.. hahahaha..

    @jaded one ~ hahahahahahahahaahah~~ thanks for visiting Teo!! i'll treat you a drink when we meet in the future ok :)

    @kidz ~ wooooooooooo... S&M.. i like!! cuff me up boy... yesh... grrr...............!!

    @vincent ~ bella, thou compared to thee summer something something.. hahahaha.. dono dont care.. konnet 18

    @ash ketchum ~ awwwwww.. dont worry.. selagi ada pertemuan, tentunya ada perpisahan... i never worry about separation!! :)