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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

CNY last year..

last year i had an awesome chinese new year!! :) as new year and valentines both fall on the same day, i rushed myself up and sped off to see bubu in his hometown.. i was at kluang visiting and he was in skudai so its around 1+ hours drive lor so i went all the way there, got lost sikit but manage to find that secluded area :)

ooooooo.. reach there jer bubu dada and mama welcomed me in with open arms and then jeng jeng jeng!!! mahjong time!! ohmygucci!! cannot tahan!! played with bubu bros and dada while bubu was sitting by my side :) then came lunch!! oh my gosh.. cos we just knew each other for one month plus, bubu dada and mama brought me along to the family reunion lunch thing OMGOSH!!! its like... oh shit OH SHIT!!

went there, sat down, the cousins were around, omgosh got 1 cousin of his damn hot one!! studying in singapore or something dono la but i know kinda lean and ber-muscle one hahhaha.... damn hot then the relatives are all around sitting at the big big table!! 3 families are there including his.. gosh gosh i was so nervous i dint know what to do...

then came the time where his aunt and uncle ask who is this boy? then bubu dada answered: friend came by and visit my boy or something like that.. hahahahaha... so cool la dada.. kan? bubu dada is so so so awesome in socializing there was no one time where the table is quiet or awkward..  it was evening then liao so i needed to get home before its dark.. so that was my CNY day one cum valentines day last year.. weird sikit.. but i get to officially meet the family! hahahaha..

a few of the cousins know liao lor.. then i think the aunts and uncs also know liao but also hush hush nia.. hahaha.. cos whenever got reunion whether during cny or even here in KL also i was there on both occasions.. hahahahah..

the aunt wants bubu to fetch her daughter from the airport one midnight and was asking bubu:

bubu, er.... are you free arr?


can you fetch my daughter from the airport?


you free arrr?


you sure you are free hor.....

bubu dint know what the aunt meant until we went and pick the daughter up then only found out from her that the aunt was indicating la in her question whether bubu is with me, is he free.. hahahaha... auntie, we are free de lor.. not everytime also sex de.. hahahahaha..

dono this year how leh... hm.. bubu macam busy jer the whole week...


  1. hi, really like to see your updates... i am extremely envious with ur life, hoping i'll be getting the same too.. anyway, keep updating your blog, really enjoy reading it....

  2. Hahahah....hung fook young boy...Gong Xi Fa Cai to you first.

  3. Wow, one month plus and you were already meeting the in-laws...

    Tsk tsk tsk !

  4. CX - i met them after 9 - 10 days already... :)

  5. @skyhawk ~ gong xi fa cai to you too :)

    @D ~ hahahaha.. i wish!!

    @ben_king1991 ~ thanks so much for supporting :) dont have to envy.. you will definitely have your moment in the future :) just believe.. and yearn and aim for it!! alright!! ciao! see you around!!

  6. bubu dada sounds like bulu dada...sorry...omgucci i need to clean my mind@.@

  7. @ash ~ ahahahahahaah.... i know.. its ok.. put some clorox!! :) you use oh my gucci too?!! thats a tuls trademark ok!! use other brands please!! :)