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t u l s

Sunday, January 9, 2011

to jino...

Jino jino,

Happy 3rd Anniversary man. Bubu and i went thru so much in just this short span of one year, just to think that yours of 3 years is gonna be full of drama, full of sex, compromising, understanding, sacrifice etc.. and with the long(kinda) distance relationship in place, you guys still are able to push it thru this mark of 3 years.. pui fok!! i think i once asked before about how you endure the absence of sex and stuffs and realize(dono whether its true or not) that you guys(actually only Jino la i dont know the boyfriend at all) dont fling around in this 3 years at all, hwa.. i cannot lor(not say i cannot la but i ter-did it liao).. i mean i always wanted to stay "loyal" and all and yes i did it to a certain extent hopefully with determination and willpower we can too achieve that lor.. hahahaha...

Not saying youre a role model or what but i definitely look up to couples like that lor.. :) bubu and i had just celebrated our first year anniversary together. i mean, i think its an accomplishment for us lor, some might say "its just a year" but i think to us if anything happens to anyone of us(choi!!!), we would totally understand and wish the other the best and move on as we know we had fully enjoy each other's company the fullest in this one year(really CHOIIIIII and damn corny cliche whatever.. hahahah), thats how much we cherish each other and would definitely not regret the time we had together..

anyways hope you guys keep rocking your relationship :) and the celebration is just sweet.. sorry if i terdistrupt your awesome sexsion.. hahahahahahaha... 

with love


  1. Happy anniversary to jino and hope you too will have the willpower not to slut around (just in case ter long distance with bubu) hehe...

  2. Happy 3rd Anniversary to Jino and his bf. May you two have more anniversaries to come in future.

  3. i dream of you last night and then purposely drop by this post today. i know i am late for almost 3 months, yet thanks so much for the wish. i can foresee you and your bubu in the next 2 years, lovey dovey and most probably, longer distance relationship than me. dont worry you and bubu can make it. (my bf and i have been very good so far) ^^

    [Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot

  4. wah seh... dream of me? hahahaha.. 3 months or 3 years i will still be here geh! dont worry :) hihi.. *hugs* and thankiu!! :)