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t u l s

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

lady for the day... literally!!

i was having my lab prac today and suddenly i felt like my ass it gonna explode so borrowed some tissue from my bff and boom i RUSHED towards the toilet.. ahh... felt so good after releasing it.. when i was getting ready to get out from that cubicle i heard some noises outside and it sounded like some girl and OHMYFUCKINGGUCCI ONLY I REALIZE I WENT INTO THE LADIES!!!

seriously i thought that im gonna die edi... mother mary guan yin all cannot help me edi...

i checked my door make sure its shut tight and make sure i shut the fuck up...

2 girls were talking and then they push the cubicle door open one by one and pushed mine too brang brang!! and i was like GOSH!!! then one of them entered the cubicle next to mine..

its so torturing!!

what if girls constantly entering the toilet then i mai die la!!


i heard her pee-ing shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... and then the tap goes on.. then the flush.. gosh...

then dono what the fuck was she doing in the cubicle for so long baru keluar!! i think her underwear sux need adjustments all..

so later she went out edi i waited for 2 minutes..


as i was entering the lab i turned around and looked, no one was at sight!! OMGOODNESS!! phew... was sweating...

siao... omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg.... dont laugh!!

now think back still so malu omgomgomg!!


  1. if the girls say u , just tel them off la . look wt look , i like guys also , ok !

  2. Hahah..mark, good point !

    Anyway, sometimes when we are in a hurry things happen. But then if you were to walk out when they are still in the toilet...what's the worst thing that can happen ?

  3. LOL, Mark does make a very good point!

    'then dono what the fuck was she doing in the cubicle for so long baru keluar!! i think her underwear sux need adjustments all..' -> LOLLLL

    Question- Don't girl toilets look and... smell different from guy toilets? -teo-

  4. Think is ur instinct acting.. they say these things are in the gene.. =p

  5. your sketch is hilarious! Well, stuffs like this happens.

    Once I was in a bus station also too rush. When done, then realized was a ladies when girls are laughing inside. Luckily they didn't scream. :/

  6. i also rushed in b4...wanted to lao sai! but luckily i noticed got no urinals and faster went out!

  7. Gosh! That must be really traumatising for you! But I wonder if there's any girl who has went into the men's toilet before. Hahahahaha!!!

  8. @mark ~ nice one mark!! hahahah.. i will show them my cibai too.. then they will go blind!!

    @CX ~ i'll be the talking stock of the year lor.. sei pin tai lou lor and everything.. might even get expelled if i dont handle it well..

    @te0 ~ wah.. nice to have you.. erm.. the cleaner just washed the toilet so yea.. hahaha.. and i was so so so gonna explode my mind couldnt absorb and differentiate anything from the environment.. so yea.. hahahaha

    @jason ~ ohmygucci!!!!!!!

    @kidz ~ what the fuck.. hahahahahaha

    @savoir ~ thanks! i know.. ish.. now to think of it also damn scary.. haahaha.. i was in the ladies coach too in the KTM in subang.. kena cock stare lor and i dint know why until i left the train in Sentral.. hahaha..

    @LMO ~ hahahaha.. so awesome.. i cant really think then..

    @calvin ~ sure got one.. those diarrhea bitches like me la!! hahahahaha

  9. hahaha!! I once had this experience before, after peeing then came out and saw a girl inside there, O.O!!! and she stared at me and I stared back, then i just went out like that!! hahaha, luckily she didn't scream and let all in restaurant knew! abo, siao ki liao!