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t u l s

Monday, January 24, 2011

sexy voice...

my mum was down with sore throat flu phlegm and that whole range of sickness la so one day when i was doing my work in the evening upstairs at the common area only in my underwear i heard a voice shouting out to me from the outside..

he sounds like my friend that was in UK, fuck i thought he came back just to see me, i was so happy i put on my pants and i rushed out... but before that i asked my mum whether she heard my friend calling my name or not, she said "UH"...

so i went out look up and down left and right, no one also.. it was dusk then.. sky is getting darker and i dont see anyone anywhere so i went back in scratching my head, who call me arr?

TULS!!!!!!!! *the same voice*

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!! *roll on the floor laughing*

it was my mum...

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