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t u l s

Friday, January 14, 2011

im an ELEMENT...

I met up with Vincent when he came back from the UK for his winter hols and he passed me ME.
It was made upon request and i find it interesting and awesome..
I saw him featuring his Elements one by one and thought why not i myself should be one too so yea..
Thanks Vincent!! dont you guys think its amazing, i mean, its collage.. i was so amazed by it.. haha..

Im An Element now..

Theme Colour:
Additional Notes:

Please Help Me To Fill These Up in the Comments below and i shall insert them if found appropriate :) hahahahaha... go crazy people!!


  1. clan: slut.
    element: pheromones.
    house: saunas.
    abilities: seduction, endurance, stamina.

    LMDO. :P

  2. Ooo, closer look..it's actually paper cut-out.