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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


someone said that looks are very important in this circle..and PLU is very plastic-kish and superficial..

i mean, looks are important but what on earth can we do to change our face? go for plastic surgery? is that even really us? so what if i was born this way, with a busted lips and crooked nose! so what if i have 3 layered eye lid?!! so what if i have flat feet?!! so what if i have plenty of pimples? so what if i have a wide forehead?!! so what if my nipple are pointy? so what if my leg is shorter on one side?!! 

does that makes me ugly? does that makes me evil? does that makes me stupid? does that means that i dont deserve to get a boyfriend? does that mean that  no one will like me just because i have all of the above?

yes lor i admit that we PLUs are superficial la but come on, who isnt? the straight shits you think they arent? everyone is the same la!! the first impression generated is definitely very very important, cos that will be the lasting impression someone will have on you lets say if you guys just met. i will definitely dress up a lil more proper on the first meet with whoever la.. haha.. but we cant really change the way we look cos we are born like that..

so people out there, if there are anyone out there that hate you cos they say that youre ugly, fuck them!! if some cute people thinks that they are so hot and so awesome that they ignore you just because of your looks, hell with them.. you dont need them!! if any of your friends despise you just because of your looks, Leave them! you dont have to fucking care about what they say.. youre better off without them and dont waste your time getting emo over this cos its seriously nothing to think about! always have the whatever attitude in you, dont stress so much, no friends then make new friends! there are so many ways and channels to make friends, it depends on how much you want it thats all..

*adjust hair* *put hair product* *spray perfume*

eh b.. 


we've been together for how long edi?

er... one year chut dit dit..

now you still wanna "make up" arr? wanna show who wor? wanna impress the guys arr?

*geram face* ish.. people wanna look good mar..

who you wanna attract? 

*no words left to say*

hahaha.. i dress up just to look good for him also he dont know.. stupid boy he is.. :)


  1. yeah , u are very true there .but you seem to forget some of the bloggers in ur list are superficial as well , not all .You may not be superficial now as u might not be super handsome , but u forget that u already have a bf . If u had not a bf , perhaps u will wanna be superficial to "catch" some fish . Of course i agree with u when u state abt ur views on looks and everything , but straight relationships are not as bad as gay ones , its bcoz many girls will go for confidence and a person that looks normal , but not so much in a gay relationship . One of ur blogger friends blatantly displays his half naked pic on the cover and looking thru his blog , is indeed very superficial . Unknowingly to him , he looks like an old guy , or probably like an uncle .Gay relationships are mostly based on looks if the person is single and in his 20's , but when they reach their 30's they realize their youth is going , and resort to start criticizing young gays , without realizing they themselves were superficial .


  2. i tink u cant change people from being superficial
    heck I'm very shallow myself :D :D :D
    But not everyone is born with the perfect looks etc,
    but everyone has the ability to try to look their best.
    Neat, tidy, fashionable, good body, good hair, clean shaven, rugged, pretty, manly, sissy and many more, depending on peoples preference

  3. I have written numerous posts about this topic in my blog and I'm sure you have read them since you claim to be my loyal reader since I started out. Hehehehe...

    I like the fact that you wrote this up in your blog for your readers and it shows the maturity of your intellectual thinking. Hahahahaha!!! Well, as you know already, I always know you're smart in the inside. Hehehehe...

    LOVE THE POST!!! And the conversation between you two.

  4. I think everyone is, but then is to what extend only...

  5. It's human nature to appreciate beauty, take scenary for example..

    but still dressing up says a lot.. there must be a part that wants to impress other than just bubu right? =p

  6. Unfortunately gay men are still men. And far too prone to obsessing over superficial looks and youth.

  7. in all species... the males are the beautiful ones, so nothing wrong with men being vain. totally acceptable. wakakaka.

  8. hmmm memang ler.

    orang selalu kata kalau muka ensem tapi perangai macam ****** blah la


    kalau handsome perangai baik, dengan tak ensem perangai baik..

    which one you choose?